Social Biases Paper

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Social Biases Paper

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May 5, 2013
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Social Biases Paper
Bias is generally described as favoring thinking of particular way, or something to watch. Being biased means attitude of that person or behavior is particularly prejudice. The person may be aware of that he is bias. Social prejudices are a social problem, because a group is looking at another individual or group as the group feels that they are superior to others. The social interaction among some groups might have to create common biases. Social biases may be very harmful and can interfere with human interaction (Fiske, 2010).
Define the concepts of prejudice, stereotyping and discrimination
Prejudice means feeling or having attitude towards members of a group, established solely on the basis of membership in this group. Stereotypes dealt with generalizations regarding others that usually cause display of others group predictable and typical characteristics. Discrimination means an act of a group or person against another group or person who is the prejudice subject. Stereotypes put people into groups having similar attributes or characteristics. Stereotypes have the ability to distort the perspective of a person. As soon as a stereotype becomes active, the features belong to the group, either positive or negative, they are easy to remember. Stereotypes can influence social judgments on how much a person loves another, and this behavior is normal. There was a time when because of the stereotyping group or person will become self-fulfilling. Prejudice, as an attitude and can work a plan to collect information regarding other group members. The information which is compatible with the prejudices is usually more careful than the others & is most easily remembered. Although the data is divided into a positive, people will only focus on negative. Negative feelings prejudice that…...

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