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Business Plan
1-Up Pub
3614 Washtenaw Avenue
Ann Arbor, MI 48104

Telephone: (724)555-1234
Fax: (724)555-5678

Presentation Date: December 15, 2014
Presented To:
Frank Jefferies – Chief Loan Officer
DFCU Financial
400 Town Center Drive
Dearborn, MI 48126

Contents Executive Summary 3 Mission Statement 5 Company Description 5 Market Plan for 1-Up Pub 7 Products and Services 7 Market Analysis 7 The Competition 8 Target Market and Customer Profile 8 Pricing of Products and Services 9 Sales Promotions and Advertising 10 Selling Approach and Distribution Channels 10 Financial Plan 11 Operating Plan 12 Management Team 12 Organizational Chart 12 Facilities and Improvements 13 Employee Needs 14 Recruitment Strategy 15 Risk Management Plan 15 Appendix A - References 17 Appendix B – Opening Day Balance Sheet 18 Appendix C – First Year’s Expenses 20 Appendix D – Pricing 22

Executive Summary After a long, hard day at work most people have only what to relax and unwind. For some people this includes getting a drink, watch a sporting event on television, or perhaps play a game with friends. What if you could go to one place to do any of these things? Look no further than 1-Up Pub; a combination gaming center, pub, and coffee shop. Grab a drink, grab a game, and make some friends, or you can just relax and watch a local sporting event on one of our flat screen televisions. 1-Up Pub is a unique destination like none that have been seen before. Customers have several options to choose from to unwind after working hard. Grab a drink and one of the many board games we have to rent for a small fee. Perhaps video games are more your style. Enjoy all the latest gaming consoles and most popular video games on one of our semi-private gaming stations. Each gaming station features comfortable seating, a 50” LCD television,…...

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...confidentiality and anonymity before interviewing them. Very good care is taken to maintain the confidentiality of the information they provided. Documents will be stored safely in a bank locker and they are accessed only by the researcher. Documents will be destroyed after 5 years.  Data Collection The data were collected from 100 people of the United States of America, whose age will be 21-55. This age group is selected because generally this age group people are the ones who are directly or indirectly involved in setting-up their own small business. They are divided into two groups based on their gender 50 males and 50 females. Out of 100 people 50 are white, 20 are African American, 10 are Native American, 10 are Asian American, and 10 are Hispanic. Archive data will be acquired from the Small Business Administration (SBA). The Small Business Administration (SBA) is a United States government agency that provides support to entrepreneurs and small businesses. We can use this data to understand the patterns in the survival of these businesses. Data Analysis Quantitative data analysis is helpful in evaluation because it provides quantifiable and easy to understand results. Quantitative data can be analyzed in a variety of different ways. Traditionally quantitative data can be analyzed using Statistical software tools available such as IBM’s SPSS, StataCorp’s Stata, etc. In this study, I will be using software tool such as excel for data tabulation, disaggregating......

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...STRATFORD COLLEGE LONDON SMALL BUSINESS ENTERPRISE UNIT 3 BTEC HIGHER NATIONAL DIPLOMA IN BUSINESS LEVEL 5 STUDENT NAME : Mubashir Mustehsan ASSESSOR NAME: PRIYA THAPA DATE:28/08/2015 S M A L L B U S I N E S S E N T E R P R I S E LO1: INVESTIGATE THE PERFORMANCE OF A SELECTED SMALL BUSINESS ENTERPRISE 1.1: Produce a Profile of a Selected Small Business GO GO PIZZA Food has always been a centre of attraction for Londoners and tourist whose number during the year 2013 reached to 16.8 million with many attractive ancient palaces of the kings and eye opening amusement parks London has always been a tourist spot. The densely populated metropolitan has a mixed culture and almost festivals are observed every second mouth. Traditionally Londoners prefer fast and healthy food but it is the diversity of people which has changed the behaviour of the people especially aged between 18 to 30. Pizza is the other feast enjoyed by the people. Indeed this delicious baked bread along with pepperoni, mushroom, obverse and unions with pizza sauce and cheese topping sometimes with chicken or meat toppings is much preferred choice of the inhabitants of London. It was founded as a restaurant with the name as “Go Go pizza” in 1984 on the basic of quality along with customer care. They have been rewarded for pioneering free delivering to homes and offices through free home delivery services. Another specialty of this company is the use quorn instead of meat (Meat Free). Go Go...

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...Small Network Sales Proposal Bill Stewart Strayer University June 11, 2011 My neighbor is starting a small billing business and has asked me to price out and design network for him. He will be starting from scratch and in talking to him about his needs, I have determined that what he wants is the following; he needs a server that will support at least 3 users. Also he wants 2 workstations and 2 laptops. He wants Wi-Fi to connect all of this plus Internet access and multiple email addresses. Also he wants this network to be totally secure as his coming is going to do medical billing procedures. Here are my suggestions to him as described in this proposal. Since this small business is interested in a dedicated server, I am suggesting the HP ProLiant N40L 1P 2GB-U Emb SATA NHP 250GB LFF 150W PS Cube MicroServer. This server will meet all of the client's needs at this point. The price is relatively small and the client will find that this system is easy to operate and it is simple to administer to. Also this small server is designed to make adding drives or peripherals a minimal effort. Obviously the space saving design will make it ideal for a small office. This server is also reliable and it's also is expandable. Its error checking and correction (ECC) memory minimizes the likelihood of memory corruption. This server comes with AMD Turion™ II Neo N40L processor (1.5 GHz, 15W, 2MB) and being RAID 0 and 1, it prevents data loss and ensures around the clock reliability.......

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