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On Thursday the 10th of May 2012, there are 16.736.232 people living in the Netherlands (CBS,
2012). An estimated amount of 2.6 million people are singles, of which 97% are looking for that special person to start a relationship with (Singlesite, 2012).
Despite the fact that there are a lot of singles and 97% of them are looking for an actual relationship, why is the amount of Dutch singles still increasing according to the central bureau of statistics?
In this modern 21st century, it is quite easy to obtain information from all over the world. People walk around with the latest hi-tech gadgets and easily communicate globally with their friends via various social media. When looking at the facts stated above, it is not easily explained why singles cannot find that special someone.


Research Questions

Fact 1:

The amount of singles in the Netherlands is rising

Fact 2:

97% of the Dutch singles wants to be in a relationship

Problem: Why is the amount of…...

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