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Simba’s Journey The Lion King is a true hero's journey that takes place in the savannas of Africa. The title "the Lion King" emphasizes that a lion is king, most likely referring to the main character, Simba. Simba is the main hero in the story because he regains his kingdom and defeats evil. The main character's archetype is "king"; he takes responsibility for his actions and his kingdom, he regains order and control. Simba takes part in a hero's journey by being a part of the departure, initiation, and the return. Simba was banished from his homeland by his evil uncle Scar's hyenas (who acted as his personal army and assistants), who were really supposed to kill him. He is found by Timon and Pumba, a meerkat and warthog, and he grows up in a paradise-like jungle with them. Years later, Simba's best friend from the pride lands comes in search of help and happens to find Simba by chance. She asks him to return because of Scar's oppressing reign but he refuses. Simba wouldn't tell her the reason for his refusal, but it was because he believed his father's death was his fault. Rafiki, the story's baboon "sage", leads Simba into an enchanted jungle of tangled trees and roots, where he says Simba's father, named Mufasa, isliving (even though he is really dead). He is led to a small pool of water, where Rafiki tells him to look in the water and try to see his father. He looks, but only sees a reflection of himself. When he is told to look harder, he sees his father in the ripples of the water. Rafiki tells Simba his father "lives within" him. Suddenly a wind blows and in the clouds, Mufasa's spirit appears. The key things Mufasa tells him are that: Simba has forgotten his father by forgetting who he is and that he is more than what he has become. He also explains that Simba must take his place in the circle…...

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