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ATHE Level 6 Diploma in Management

Task | Table of Contents | Page No | Introduction | 03 | Task 01 | 1.1: Assess the role of Strategic Marketing in an organization | 04 | | 1.2: Analyse the relationship between corporate strategy and marketing strategy | 04 | | 1.3: Analyse how marketing strategy is developed | 05 | Task 02 | 2.1: Evaluate approaches to internal environmental analysis | 06 | | 2.2: Evaluate approaches to external environmental analysis | 06 | | 2.3: Explain how internal and external analysis are integrated | 06 | Task 03 | 3.1: Analyse decisions and choices to be made at a corporate level | 09 | | 3.2: Assess how these decisions influence marketing at business unit and functional level | 09 | | 3.3: Analyse approaches to competitive positioning of organizations | 10 | Task 04 | 4.1: Identify a range of strategies that can contribute to competitive advantage | 11 | | 4.2: Analyse marketing communication strategies | 11 | | 4.3: Analyse marketing strategies, their application and implementation for an | 11 | Conclusion | 12 | References | 13 |

A marketing strategy is something that every single business, how big or small it is, no matter- needs to have in place. Some business owners are hesitant to set up an actual marketing strategy because they simply don’t know how to do it. All this kind of approach means simply trying something new every week or month whether it’s Tweeting one week or running an ad in the paper the next week. All business owners who use marketing in this way are simply using different forms of marketing in hopes that one turns out to be profitable. I am the newly appointed Marketing Professional responsible to lead an organisation through marketing activities, which is based on marketing principles…...

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