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Shell Company Analysis

Dr. Scruton
Methodist University
Management and Organization

Shell Oil is a global company in the oil industry. This long established company has withstood the test of time in this competitive market. Management practices have established the resources necessary to overcome the obstacles of a global company. This detailed analysis of Shell Oil focuses on management in order to provide an understanding of how the company is able to succeed. The organizational analysis provides insight into Shell’s goals, culture, and resources. An example of a specific problem that Shell faced, oil spills in Nigeria, continues off of the company analysis. Nigeria is a major extraction location for shell, but sabotage and oil leaks grew to be a major concern. Shell faced court cases in search of relief in Nigeria, but the majority of the oil leaks were a result of sabotage; therefore, shell was not responsible. However, people believed that it was shell’s responsibility to safeguard the oil lines and prevent sabotage in the first place. Shell funded the cleanup of previous oil spill sites along with a major advertising campaign to avoid a negative impact on its business. Some people still believe that Shell should be taking more responsibility for the oil spill crisis in Nigeria.

Shell Company Analysis Oil is a resource that has been in great demand since the production of combustion engines, as well as other industrial machines. Royal Dutch Shell, commonly referred to as Shell, has been a dominant force in the oil industry for over 100 years. Shell management has enabled success and allowed the company to overcome any obstacles. An in-depth analysis of Royal Dutch Shell’s management techniques provides information on how it can conquer the challenges of change. A recent challenge that Shell faced in Nigeria indicates that Shell…...

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