Sexual Mortality

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Kristen Terensky
Case Study Sexual Morality

The first case study I chose was on sexual morality, number two, defining marriage. The ethical issue going on in this specific case is in recent years several localities have been grappling with the issue of whether to broaden the definition of marriage as a union between a man and a woman. The issue is whether the state should recognize a commitment between members of the same sex. Those who argue for this broadening say that same sex couples can be just as committed to one another as heterosexuals and they should have whatever rights marriage bestows on them. Those who argue against this, cite religious or natural law like sources and reasons. The argument in my own position is that marriage from the beginning of time was meant to be between a man and a woman. I am not against people of the same sex wanting to have a relationship, but I do not feel as if it is appropriate for them to have the commitment or union of marriage. I mostly feel this way because of religious reasons. If marriage is my opinion was meant for the same sex then it would have already been made that way, and this issue would not stand. Marriage is to unite man and woman, and also so the woman can bear her husband’s children. The same sex cannot bear children; this is another reason why I feel that same sex marriage is wrong and inappropriate. If you are religious like I am, you are aware that in the Bible it never states same sex marriage, only marriage between man and woman. I do believe that it is their own decision whether people have their own preference to have same sex relationships, but it is not right to unite them in the bond of marriage. I do understand that this generation is different from previous generations, but we still need to have some boundaries and grounds on rules such as marriage. Basically if same sex marriage was looked…...

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