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I want to gain marketing insights and learn about new marketing strategies from a data-driven company. I think marketing and strategy is an integral part of any business today, so it takes everything from the scratch to execution, without a marketing strategy, a product can never be a success.
Also during my undergrad studies, I came across a course known as entrepreneurship management, which generated a spark in me to learn more about marketing management and strategy. Although having a limited internship experience in data driven marketing, it would be a great opportunity for me to learn something about strategies for different customer segments and analysis of various markets through the marketing courses in my MBA curriculum and apply it to real life situations.

My dream industry would be a company which is dealing in data driven marketing strategies in the sectors of health care consulting and energy auditing. To be precise, I want a job in a data driven marketing industry.

The job titles for which I would be eligible after I graduate from IIT Stuart school of Business as an MBA in Marketing and Business Analytics would be-: * Marketing/ Marketing Research Analyst * Business Development Executive * Marketing sales Representative * Marketing Account Executive * Business Analyst

All these job titles match up my field of interest i.e. marketing. Also When I visited networking events, specifically the ‘Microsoft mixer’ event, I met Alan Silberman, CRM, online Global Black Belt, Microsoft Midwest who is responsible for marketing the new software solutions developed by Microsoft corporation in the Midwest region, he gave me some insights about skills required for starting as a marketing analyst in today’s competitive world and all the relevant job titles that would match up my skill set when I am done with my…...

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