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Taste Buds
What’s That Smell? 1 | 5 | 8 | 2 | 6 | 9 | 3 | 7 | 10 | 4 | Yes | No! |

We raise our hands to speak.

We work quietly at our seats.

We use voices soft and sweet.

We keeps our places tidy and neat.

We are helpful, friendly, and fair.

We take turns and willingly share.
Reading Corner * Exposing kindergarten students to literacy is an essential tool to foster a love for reading down the road. Students need to learn that reading is fun, and the Reading Corner can provide that foundation. Place this area near the entrance to the classroom so students, parents and other teachers see it as a focal point of the room when they walk in. Set a soft rug on the floor where the children can sit, and place a chair in easy view for all students so the teacher can read aloud to the class. Arrange a shelf with a variety of books by category for easy access. Post colorful pictures or posters related to literacy on the wall.
Science Section * The Science Section should allow for easy changes throughout the year. Place this area near windows to allow good lighting for observations. Provide a variety of non-fiction books on animals, the solar system, health and other topics you plan to cover during the year. In a plastic container, organize and label tools students use to observe and report on different subjects, such as magnifying glasses, plastic tweezers, scales, thermometers and notepads. The Science Section is an ideal place to keep animals or insects. The students can study the class "pet" and record their data throughout the year. * Sponsored Links * LanSchool in Singapore
World's Best Classroom Software. Trusted by MOE school. Call us now! Computer Station * You may not have too much control over the placement of the Computer Station depending on the school's…...

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