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In order for computers, printers, etc. to communicate with each other on a network, each must have a different IP address. To make remembering these easier, the Domain Name System (DNS) translates these numeric IP addresses into names and web addresses that humans can actually decipher and remember. Instead of remembering one of the five numeric IP addresses to find, you type in the address as and DNS will go find the page you are looking for.
DNS is most commonly used for internet purposes, but private networks use DNS for other reasons as well. It works throughout multiple computers or databases. It can handle many types of name resolution requirements. With DNS the host name will stay the same even though the numerical IP address may be changing.
With all of the ways that DNS makes our lives easier in regards to networking, be that private networking or the internet, the overhead and IT management aspect of DNS are well worth it. I can’t imagine the headache of not having it in place.
DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) assigns IP addresses on the network. It provides the default gateway, subnet mask, and the DNS. Instead of IT administrators having to manually hand out static IP addresses and keeping track of all of them, DHCP takes care of it for them. Along with assigning them, DHCP will take back the IP address when it is no longer in use and reassign it when it is available.
With that being said, yes, DHCP saves headaches as well as DNS. However, it’s a little more tedious and costly. As far as overhead, sometimes it’s best to not use it. When using a couple computers it would be easier to assign static IP addresses and do things manually. On larger networks, DHCP makes more…...

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