School and Community Relations

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School and Community Relations

Allison C. Dunlap

EDU 506 Synthesis Project

School-Community relations rely on a planned two-way process that involves internal and external publics. The goal of the communication is to understand the organization, its rules, procedures, and needs. A two-way communication process involves giving information to the community, as well as receiving it. The Assistant Superintendent assumes the role of the Public Relations director in Abbeville County. Her role is to make sure the right person communicates information during specific times and events. The information has to be relayed accurately to the public. Her responsibilities include: communicating with television, radio, and news media at various times throughout the year to keep them informed of school and district information. Although our district is experiencing harsh budget cuts, Mrs. Hall enjoys sharing district’s website for the community to enjoy. With every job, there come challenges. She discussed the difficulty in sharing news that is not so good. She recently had to visit several schools to inform employees that they would not be receiving a contract next year due to budget cuts. Communication with the public is extremely important in regards to happenings in the school and district. Parents and community members are directly connected to the well-being and success of students. Awareness is important in building positive relationships with the community. I have seen no formal communication plan in writing. I do think improvements could be made in regards to hearing more of the community’s voice. School Board Meetings are typically open to the public; however knowledge of these meetings may not be made readily available to the community. More community members may become involved if…...

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