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It is important to know how to research and use the materials you find to support your theory. But in order to know how to access it and use it you first need to know where to look for information. Also, you must be objective in order to examine sources to see if they are relevant.It is important to be able to differentiate between scholarly, professional, and trade sources when doing research.
The first important difference between scholary, popular, and trade sources is who they are written by. Scholarly sources are written by scholarly authors. These are people who are experts in the field that they are writing about. They usually have one of more phds.Occasionally you will see scholarly scources written by phd canidates or people with master degrees. On the other hand popular degrees are written y non-experts. Journalists and freelance writers make up a large percentage of the authors of popluar sources. Ocasssionally you will see a popular publication about a certain topic written by an expert. But just because the author is a scholar doesn’t make the article scholarly. Trade magazines, also known as professional magazines or journals, are publications about skilled work that require special knowledge and skills but people don’t get advanced degrees in those fields. Articles and trade journals are written by people with extensive training, experience, and relevant certifications in theor fields regardless if they have college degrees.
The second important difference points out that it’s not only important who wrote the article but who it is written for. Scholarly articles and books are written for fellow experts in a specialized sunject area. They are also read by undergraduate and graduate students who are taking courses in that area. Because they are intended for fellow experts, scholarly articles use advanced specialized vocabularly without providing…...

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