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The holocaust is a tragedy that the entire world wished had never happened. In 1982 Thomas Keneally wrote Schindlers Ark which was based on the accounts from a Holocaust survivor. This story was later developed into a screenplay by Steven Zallian later to be a film directed by Steven Spielberg. Spielberg made the film to educate those who tried denying that persecution on such a grand scale ever happened. Though filmed in black and white the director chose to highlight a few images in color to draw attention and elicit emotion.
The actress who portrayed “the little girl in red” is 24 years old now but the impact the film had on her disturbs her to this day. We are introduced to the girl in the screenplay on page 52; she is described as wearing small red shoes. In the movie the director chose a jacket instead of just the shoes. I think this was merely because it could be viewed easier by the audience. But why do both screenplay and movie use the color red. I believe red was chosen because it is a bold color that stands out but it is also the color of blood. It can be assumed that its significance was chosen to represent that amount of bloodshed during that time.
The scene takes place in one of the ghetto’s. The screenplay describes this taking place during dawn. In the movie it appears to be later in the afternoon, but it is the weather that plays a more important role than the time of day. The movie sets the scene during a rainy and dreary day to coincide with the events that are occurring. This choice does a better job reinforcing the fact that what is happening is just plain miserable.
In the screenplay and movie Schindler watches the cleansing from the hilltop. The image was particularly strong. It was almost as if the writer had an underlying theme to imply that the rest of the world is just watching as the atrocities occurred. The screenplay doesn’t describe…...

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