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Analytical essay – “Saving Mr Ugwu”
In historical context, Africa has always been a great market for slavery, and especially western countries like France and Great Britain have exploited that in the past through their colonization of the continent. Although it might be popular thinking that slavery organized by western countries has been abolished many decades ago, it is not necessarily true. Modern slavery in Africa has just had a slight change in character since then. This short story deals with the white man’s continuous oppression and exploitation of black people and their labour force. Furthermore the text thematizes deeply rooted historical conflicts between whites and different black ethnicities within Nigeria.
The short story”Saving Mr Ugwu” is written by the Scottish author Lin Anderson. The story takes place in Nigeria, a former British colony, and mostly focuses around Mr. Ugwu and his family who was forced to move from Lagos to the Nigerian Bush because of his job.

Mr. Ugwu is an Ibo and is born in the former capital of Nigeria, Lagos. Ugwu works for a big western sugarcane company, and manages the pay checks of the workers who harvest the sugarcanes. These workers mostly belong to another ethnic group, the Hausa. The text gives us the impression that some sort of hierarchy exist amongst the different Nigerian ethnicities and the few white men who live in the bush. “Mr Ugwu thinks once again, how lazy and dirty these Hausa people are”(S2, L59) This hierarchy determines the segregation between the different ethnic groups. Additionally the text describes Ibos as relatively wealthy and civilized in contrast to Hausas who are described as a lazy and dirty working-class. Although it at first glance would seem like Mr. Ugwu has a higher social status than the Hausa, it might not be the case. Even though Mr. Ugwu manages the workers pay check, they still…...

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