Sandwich Blitz Swot Analysis

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Sandwich Blitz SWOT Analysis
Dalman and Lei have what it takes to take their business to the next level. Focusing on key points and their future goal have them considering on expanding their business. SWOT breaks down each key element they need to consider in order to succeed. Identifying their strengths,weaknesses, opportunities, and threats will allow them to overcome an obstacle to becoming a large-scale business.
The first thing they should look at are they're strengths. In this case their most important strength is that they have the resources to open two additional locations. Dalman and Lei have successfully opened up eight sandwich and beverage shops in a large metropolitan area. Expanding will be a great move for them because they have the experience and know exactly what it takes to open up a new business. Having a positive cash flow is one less problem that they have to worry about when it comes to expanding the business and are able to focus on whats next on the agenda.
I believe every business has its weaknesses no matter how profitable they may be. Dalman and Lei's weakness is the fact that their customers are based from larger office parks. A few to name would be Universities, hospitals, and office complexes. The larger office parks are being affected due to the economic downturn, which has caused the occupancy rates to decrease. They have to be careful when picking these two locations to be sure their customer rate doesn’t be affected and cause their business profit to decrease. You have to look at all aspects when it come to the economy being a downfall. Even though this is a weakness it doesn’t necessarily means that their business will not flourish.
Despite their weaknesses they do have very great opportunities! Dalman was thinking correctly when he figured that having a consistent product is very critical when it comes to the company's…...

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