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Binh Thanh Dist – Ho Chi Minh City- Vietnam
Mobile: 091111111



Age : June 01, 1975

Gender : Male

Marital Status : Married

Citizen of : Vietnam

Position Applied : Human Resources Manager


Feb 2011 to Now A JOINT STOCK COMPANY Asst Human Resources and GA Manager
Sep 2003 to Feb 2011 B CO., LTD General Affairs and Human Resources Manager
1995 to 2003 C VIETNAM CO., LTD Human Resources and Administration Executive


Feb 2011 to Now A JOINT STOCK COMPANY Asst Human Resources and GA Manager • Making recruitment planning and take care all recruitment activities, ensure that qualified candidates are recruited timely to meet the needs of department; • Setting up internal labor law and review it every year. • Setting up compensation and benefit policy and review it every year • Preparation of Human Resource reports and statistics; • Consulting to General Director about Human Resource Policies; • Controlling monthly salary payroll, daily record, overtime calculation, ensure payment monthly salary on time in confidential. • Manage social insurance, medical insurance, ensure do it under Vietnam…...

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