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Personal Philosophy of Education

Education is an on-going process and at any point in our lives we need some sort of education. First of all, Education starts at home. When we are born, we start to learn from our parents on how to speak, walk, and eat and so on. Eventually, we learn to stand up on our own and not to depend on others. I believe that education is the ability of learning new concepts or ideas and when or how to apply them. We learn things by seeing, touching, smelling, tasting, and hearing. Education is a process we go through daily because everything is learnt with time. I believe that the purpose of education is to learn so as to become productive persons. Education involves both teaching and learning. We learn by seeing or hearing and we do not necessarily need someone to instruct us how to do it. For instance we learn language by repeating words. However things like mathematical equations we need someone to show us how to solve them. In order for me as a teacher to communicate what I know I need a guide. This is where the curriculum comes into place. The curriculum consists of mathematics, science, English, history, and other courses. These all help students to choose a career. I believe that as a teacher I should be a role model, that is, someone students may look up to when they have any doubt, a person that can guide and help them. As a teacher I must enjoy showing students what I already know. I believe that one of the biggest qualities I can have as a teacher is to do my job with love and enthusiasm showing that I know what I am teaching. Teachers’ must be sure of themselves, be patient, kind and good listener. In my opinion these qualities make a good teacher. I believe that as a teacher I must focus on students needs. I need to be aware of the best ways to instruct children, and I must push students to do…...

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