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Biology Summative/Nuradin Ahmed

Table of Content Units | Questions | Cellular Biology | Why is grass green?Why do our muscles ache when we exercise?Why don't animals/humans have a cell wall? | Genetics | Why is it more common for a male to be colour blind than a female?Why are you unique? | Plants | Why are some fruits seedless?Why do leaves turn colour in the fall?Why is green roof important? | Anatomy of Mammals | Why do we close our eyes when we sneeze?Why do people feel sleepy after they eat?Why do we have eyelashes? | Microbiology | Why does milk sour?Why does our whole body ache when we get cold? |

Why is grass green? The reason the grass you see every day in your front yard or in the park is because the cell of the grass contains chloroplast, chloroplast is similar to mitochondria but only found in plant and protista. Chloroplast by itself won’t make the plant green, it just switches the sunlight into energy, to make the plant greener you need a pigment called chlorophyll, chlorophyll is a pigment that provides the absorption of light to provide energy to make it into photosynthesis and that causes a chemical change to the plant.

Why do our muscles ache when we exercise? The reason muscles ache after exercising is because you just stretched out your muscles fibers and your muscles are about to enter the repairing stage and this is caused by the lactic acid. The aching that you get in your muscles is not really harmful but it indicates that your exercise was successful. Aching may last for one to two days, and if your trying to get rid of it as soon as possible is to drink a lot of water after your exercise and eat healthier. There is a lot of food that will reduce the lactic acid such as vegetables because it contains magnesium that will deliver energy to muscles while exercising, the other food…...

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