Romantic Period

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Romantic period
Noah, Patrick, and Wickert
Facts about the romantic period
-Lasted from 1800-1860 The Romantic era was a period of great change and emancipation
The Romantic era allowed artistic freedom, experimentation, and creativity.
The Romantic Period or the Romantic Era is known as Romanticism

-William Wordsworth
- Born April 7, 1770
- Cockermouth, Cumbria, England
- Went to school at Hawkshead Grammar school before going to St. Johns College.
--His popular poems are….
- A character
- A Night-piece
- A night thought
-A poet’s Epitaph
- A morning exercise and many more…
His famous quotes are…
- “ The child is the father of the man”
- “Imagination, which in truth Is but another name for absolute power and clearest insight, amplitude of mind, and reason, in her most exalted mood.
In the winter of 1798-79 he wrote many of his greatest poems and also traveled with Coleridge and Dorothy.
In 1807 he started the publication of Poems in 2 volumes which included “Resolution and Independence”

William Blake
-William Blake was born November 28th 1757 in London England
- Blake was a poet, painter, and printmaker
- Most famous poem is “The Tyger”
- Some other poems are “and did those feet”, “a cradle song”, “a dream”, “a song”, and many more.
- He was said to see visions
- One instance of this is when his brother died in 1787; he said he saw his brother’s soul ascend into heaven. This greatly influenced his later poetry.
- In 1800 Blake moved Felpham to become a protégé of William Haley

John Keats
-Born in London, England on October 31st, 1795 – Just 25 years old
-Wrote poems about vivid imagery, great sensuous appeal and an attempt to express a philosophy through classical legend.
-Died from tuberculosis.
-Studied at Enfield Academy
-Wrote “Endymion” which is a four-thousand line poem based on the Greek myth of the same name.…...

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