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Research Paper Number One
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The perception of the financial and the accounting field over the past decade has been very poor in the eyes of the public. Especially after many recent scandals that have more then embarrassed the industry. The overall idea behind the field of accounting is for accountants to serve the public for the greater good. Yet the public doesn’t feel that accountants can be trusted. Hence, the numerous amounts of regulations imposed by the government on the finance field. In this paper we discuss the field of finance and accounting, overall view of the public, several scandals that led to the lowly perception of the accounting profession and some of the numerous regulations imposed by the government. Are these regulations too many or too little and how do they affect the economy?

Research Paper Number One The perception of the financial and the accounting field over the past decade has been very poor in the eyes of the public. Especially after the recent scandals that have more then embarrassed the industry. The overall idea behind the field of accounting is for accountants to serve the public for the greater good. Yet the public doesn’t feel that accountants can be trusted. Hence, the numerous regulations imposed by the government on the finance field. According to a recent poll done by U.S. News and World Report of the top jobs in America for the year of 2012, accountants came in at number 21 on the list out of a possible 25 different jobs, in between sales representatives and receptionists right towards the end of the list (Graves, 2012). Hogan Taylor LLP, a public accounting firm, recently posted a youtube video in which they interviewed about 10 different people on “What do you think when I say the word…...

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