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Eagle Racing Simulation Workshop
Coping with collaborative decision making

Tough Decisions g •

Limited Information
Limited Information
High Uncertainty
Conflicting objectives
Subjective preferences
Cultural bias
Ethical dilemmas
Inter‐related choices
Inter related choices
Group collaboration

Our Objectives j • Deal with tough decisions under pressure
In a collaborative context ll b ti t t
• To reflect on collaboration traps
To reflect on collaboration traps
• And identify lessons…
• for more effective collaborative decision making.

Welcome to…

Imagine you are a high‐level decision maker of a race ag e you a e a g e e dec s o a e of a ace car company, faced with the dilemma of making a number of decisions affecting the financial future of f ff g f f f your company. You are confronted with different options, types of information, and conflicting p , yp f f
f g opinions, which you will have to analyze and manage p p y properly in order to make the best decision.

Take note of…

How you think about the dilemmas
How you think about the dilemmas
How you decide
How your group discusses
How your group decides
d id
How you differ from your group decision y y g p

Part 2
2nd Dilemma
1 Have a Coffee Break
2. Back to HQ to
1. See what Happens and the 2nd Dilemma (2nd video)
2 Consult the extra material (image) and think! ☺
3. Reach consensus for 2nd decision
4. Write down your decision
3. Leave decision tracking sheet at h l desk
3 L d i i t ki h t t help d k
4. Back in Room 2

You have 35 min…...

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