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Renewable Energy
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Renewable Energy Page 2 “According to a new UN report, the global warming outlook is much worse than originally predicted, which is pretty bad, when they originally predicted it would destroy the planet.” (Jay Leno). Humans are creating a lot of damage to the planet’s environment, and if we don't do anything to prevent the carnage soon, the results could be disastrous. Most people have knowledge about global warming and believe it may be a sincere dilemma in the future. What most people don't know is that global warming is currently happening, and we are already experiencing some of what it is capable of doing. Knowing of the harmful effects of global warming, alternative energy sources need to be pursued. Finding and using alternative energy sources may be the only way to stop the increase of global warming. Global Warming is something that is greatly influenced by the energy crisis. Most of global energy production is produced from fossil fuel such as coal, oil and natural gas. The vast majority of fossil fuels generate energy which is used for many purposes for residential, transportation and industrial sectors. The rate of consumption of fossil fuels is higher than their formation and that lead to the oil price crisis. Another concern of fossil fuel combustion is the impact on the environment. Global warming is a significant problem which results in increasing greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. These problems drive people to search for alternative energy such as switching to…...

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...Macklin Begaye English 111 Final Draft Renewable Energy With a growing population around the world, the need for energy is grows as well. In modern society, we use electrical energy for multiple tasks such as operating vehicle, machines, for everyday uses. Every year the electrical energy needed requires mass amounts for such purposes. Which is created in power plants, for example, the Hoover Dam. Scientists continue to look for alternative sources to quench our thirst for more power. Renewable energy is a great example of what scientists are striving for to help quench the thirst. It is a natural resource that can also be naturally replenished. Renewable energy is the best solution for energy consumption, to ensure our survival. Renewable energy is the most reliable resource due to that it provides benefits globally and to human individuals. It helps maintain our energy infrastructure, well as provides long-term benefits. It helps combat global warming and other problems associated with fossil fuels. The environmental quality and preservation is the goal of the use of renewable energy. Renewable energy should be considered throughout the world because of the potential impact we may have on the environment. Renewable energy sources are very beneficial to the earth and it atmosphere. Many cities are struggling with obscenely unclean air, so causes unhealthy living environment for people to live in (Craddock, D, 2008). Fossil fuels are one of the main reasons behind...

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...„What are the relative advantages of renewable and non-renewable energy when considering a better environment?” In the following I shall be concerned with the subject of renewable and non-renewable energy. Firstly, I will tell you some basic background and secondly, I will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of it in detail when considering a better environment. The subject of renewable and non-renewable energy is something that we should treat seriously when looking at future generations. We now look back on an over 200-year history which is based on fossil resources like oil, gas and coal. This form of energy brought us undoubtedly ground-breaking inventions like the steam engine, electric light bulb or the automobile, although the collateral damages are high. As long as non-renewable energy is cheaply produced, as long the industry will use it. However, it becomes apparent that the prices for renewable forms of energy are decreasing while the prices for fossil resources are increasing. It is a question of time until non-renewable energy will be replaced through sustainable energy. One reason is the price, but non-renewable energy endangers also the environment through high CO2-emmissions, it charges the atmosphere and with that a speeding-up of the process of global warming. Furthermore, the usage of fossil fuels causes acid rain, which destroys trees – and they are very important for the eco-system, it kills as well the fish, because it goes into the water.......

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...hydroelectric energy as a way to effectively generate, use and store renewable energy through the clean gravitational potential energy of stored water. Nuclear and coal fired plants could do change power output to achieve demand but at extremely high maintenance cost. Nuclear plants also being a good source of continuous energy has a high chance of posing hazard to the environment. Coal and fossil fuel fired power plants on the other hand cannot be depended on because the source will diminish someday. Therefore, alternative methods have to be explored in order to find a renewable and sustainable energy for the future generations. This project paper will study the benefits of hydroelectric energy as a potential and important energy source for a sustainable future. INTRODUCTION 1.0 Hydropower Hydropower is a renewable energy source based on the natural water cycle. Hydropower is the most mature, reliable and cost-effective renewable power generation technology available. Hydropower schemes often have significant flexibility in their design and can be designed to meet base-load demands with relatively high capacity factors, or have higher installed capacities and a lower capacity factor, but meet a much larger share of peak demand. Hydropower is the largest renewable energy source, and it produces around 16 % of the world’s electricity and over four-fifths of the world’s renewable......

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...Energy to Change Non renewable energy sources, are exactly that, NON RENEWABLE, then why do we depend on them so much? The U.S is the number one consumer of non-renewable energy resources such as fossil fuels. The U.S consumes so many of these resources that we must import them from other countries. With the hour glass slowly empting down, many solutions have been theorized. And many of these theories are now in use. Solar power, wind energy and hydropower are some of the more popular and more widely used sources of renewable energy. The issue now isn’t coming up with a solution, it’s getting the people to accept and promote the solution. With the U.S acquiring 92% of its energy, from unsustainable sources, why isn’t there more emphasis placed on using renewable energy sources? Though it’s easy to express interest in joining the movement, how many people actually do? There isn’t much difference to be made on an individual level, to see major improvements; big corporations must be convinced to take part. The U.S government needs to increase incentives for companies promoting and using renewable energy sources. If an individual household uses only renewable energy, the effect will be insignificant, on the other hand, if a big conglomerate such as Wal-Mart would make the switch to 100% renewable energy, the impact would be felt. Not only would there own footprint be noticed, but being that it is a huge corporation; it will likely influence other companies to do the same. A...

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...My Thoughts on Renewable Energy My Thoughts on Renewable Energy Renewable energy is a much debated topic in our society today. There are those who are supportive of the idea and then there are those who are strongly opposed to renewable energy efforts. Individuals who encourage renewable energy typically make a good argument about our fossil fuel shortage, harmful gases, and pollution caused by fossil fuels. They declare that renewable energy is “clean energy”. However, those opposed to renewable energy also make a convincing argument on their behalf. They claim that renewable energy is a great expense we cannot afford, it requires a large amount of land, and causes environmental damage. I have always been “pro” renewable energy. I am 23 years old and have grown up in a society that endorses and promotes renewable energy. There are commercials on television about renewable energy. There are ads on the internet about renewable energy. I see many charities and financial efforts being made to help with renewable energy. America’s motto nowadays is “go green”. I suppose because I have always seen renewable energy put in such a positive light I have always thought it was the best energy solution for us. Reading the opposing material this week has actually been the first time I have really heard about renewable energy being frowned upon. I believe that the habit that hinders my thinking in this situation is conformity. I am guilty of conforming to what society thinks is the......

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...Renewable Energy! Do you know what is a renewable energy is? First you should know what energy is ! What is energy! An energy is a capacity or the abilty to do a work. What is a renewable energy? A Renewable energy is an energy that can be renewed or be used again also it might be like it is recylcled ,the main point is it releases less cabondioxide and other greenhouse gasses, which is very good for the envoriment and it prevents global warming too! There is Non Renewable energy too, which is the direct opposite to Renewable energy! Types of Renewable energy They are: Hydropower, solar energy, wind energy, geothermal energy, biomass energy etc. Solar Energy Solar energy is the energy from the Sun. It produces heat as well as light and together it produces electricity! You might be surprised if you knew that you are using solar energy everyday! For e.g. for showers, cleaning and heating up your home! Solar panels produce electricity and save energy for our homes. Solar energy is natural and renewable as it comes from the Sun. Wind energy Wind energy is a form of solar energy. It is also natural like solar energy. Wind energy is useful and wind turbines produce lots of electricity.Wind turbines or wind mills as they were called has become the most use of producing energy in many countries. Wind turbines are located Renewable Energy! Do you know what is a renewable energy is? First you should know what energy is ! What is energy! An......

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...Renewable Energy Summary Renewable energy flows involve natural phenomena such as sunlight, wind, tides, plant growth (biomess) and geothermal heat. According to the International Energy Agency (2002), “Renewable energy is derived from natural processes that are replenished constantly. In its various forms, it derives directly from sun, or from heat generated deep within the earth. Included in the definition is electricity and heat generated from solar, wind, ocean, hydropower, biomass, geothermal resources, and biofuels and hydrogen derived from renewable resources.” Renewable energy resources and significant opportunities for energy efficiency exist over the world. Compare to other traditional energy resources like fossil fuel, which are concentrated in a limited number of countries. The rapid development of renewable energy and energy efficiency, and the technological diversification of energy resources, would provide a sustainable and stable supply of energy and a significant growth in economy for the world in a foreseeable future. History of Renewable Energy Prior to the development of coal in the mid 19th century, nearly all energy used was renewable. The oldest known use of renewable energy, in the form of traditional biomass to fuel fires, dates from 790,000 years ago (K. Kris, 2013). The second oldest usage of renewable energy is using the wild to drive ships over water. This can be traced back 7,000 years ago, to ships on Nile (The Encyclopedia......

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...Energy is something vital that drives everything- people, animals, plants, gadgets, industries, offices, and all the institutions or the activities one can imagine. It is the energy- be it a mechanical, chemical, tidal, wind or hydropower-that has created the world with different artificial stuffs and; compelled people to live in fantasies and search for newer ways to fulfill their dreams. This has been the same for quite a long period of time that people are eager to live better lives. A better life in a lay man understanding is to have good food, good clothes, good house to live in, a vehicle to transport to one’s work, a homely environment and various gadgets and so on so forth. As life gets better so does the energy consumption. And a haunt for alternative source of energy becomes essential. Large amount of energy source especially petroleum products are spent on vehicles and industries to offer goods and gadgets for the world population. As the world population is increasing day by day, the demand for energy is also increasing. However, the petroleum products on earth are limited and one day all of them will be used up. Then what? So, alternative source of energy is necessary to replace and preserve petroleum products that are getting scarce. Some of the sources of energy do no good to the environment. For instance, petroleum products like coal burnt in the industries release CO, CO2, SO2 and so on. These gases are harmful as they cause global warming, acid rain,......

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...hotmail2008 Table of Contents Executive Summary 2 Introduction 3 Wind Energy Data 5 Analysis 6 Conclusion 8 Bibliography 9 Executive Summary The majority of our nation’s energy is highly dependent on finite fossil energy sources, like coal and oil. Using fossil fuels to create electricity creates emissions that are both harmful to the environment and our health. Renewable energy sources provide a clean and viable long term alternative to fossil fuels. Renewable energy is energy generated by natural resources in the form of solar, wind, geothermal, hydroelectric, and tidal waves. Among the diversity of renewable energy, wind energy is the fastest growing power technology in the world. According to the U.S. government Energy Information Administration, the production of wind energy will be at least 20% by the year 2030. This report will prove the validity of this statement by using hypothesis analysis. Hypothesis analysis will reject the null hypothesis that wind energy production will be less then 20% in favor of the alternate hypothesis that states wind energy production will be at least 20% or greater. Introduction The majority of our nation’s energy is produced from the burning of fossil fuels, like coal, oil, and natural gas. Life as we know it and our economy revolves around these finite resources. Unfortunately, with our great demand for energy, especially gasoline, world production of oil has already reached its maximum capacity and seems......

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...When thinking about renewable energy, we think about learning how to be able to reuse the same resources to get more energy. There are many forms in getting energy to power our homes. We also have to stop and think about where all this energy is coming from and will we run out of the all our sources to provide more energy. One way we get energy is from drilling hole in the land to be able to get oil to burn to keep running the energy, but eventually that will all end and what are we going to do. Another way is green energy, using windmills to gather enough strength in the wind to be able to create the energy and save it to keep the energy going. When you really think about between both of them is one is hurting our land by will end up drying up in the future, but in the other hand we are using natural resources to get the energy we need and will need dry up. I know the old way is a lot cheaper, but we will get what we pay for in the long run. In the new way by being green, it can be expensive, but we can save the old way in case of an emergency in the long run and it is a lot healthier for the earth. When thinking about which way is the best choice in the end, it would be natural way with green energy. Investing into green energy might be a bit more expensive, but when you look into the long run it will be a better earth, we will not over exhausting our resources, and we are looking into a brighter future with more resources. We need to stop drilling into our future and find...

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...Khalis M. Hall BIO2000 Casey Price 11/30/2014 Renewable Energy Energy has been the primary factor that involves the operation of our daily life. Over time use of energy has become a risk to our environment. For years scientist have been researching and inventing new energy sources that would have less environmental risk factors and promote a much more natural efficient energy source. Renewable energy dates back to 1865 when Auguste Mouchout, a French inventor, was the first to successfully convert renewable energy. As many more inventions came upon there was one unique renewable energy source that has made a tremendous impact which would be the use of solar panels from solar energy. With the invention of the popular solar panels some may have believed this would be one of the worlds’ best inventions since the use of energy is part of our daily activities. However, we must consider a few features that it may serve economically. One is the cost for setup, operational, and personal use. The sunlight may be a free source, but the use of receiving its energy through solar are not. These panels can cost anywhere between $10,000 to $35,000 for a system. The geographical location for a solar system also varies as well. For example, Nebraska does not receive the same heat index as a state like California, so Nebraska would be able to purchase the system much cheaper. However, California will be able to save more year round...

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...Experience with Promotion of Renewable Energy: Successes and Lessons Learned Parliamentarian Forum on Energy Legislation and Sustainable Development Cape Town, South Africa 5-7 October, 2005 Richard L. Ottinger[?] Abstract: Renewable energy is becoming economic in all markets as its rapid growth results in more competitive prices. It is particularly appropriate and increasingly being adopted for providing electric power services to rural areas in developing countries unlikely to be served by grid electricity. Policies needed to implement renewable energy systems in rural areas are discussed in this paper. Most prominent are removal of subsidies to traditional energy primarily benefiting the wealthiest; involving the local populace in decision making; educating financial institutions about the economics of investing in renewable energy systems and creating investment vehicles appropriate to financing them in poor localities; training personnel on management, maintenance and drafting contracts; requiring vendor provision of maintenance and parts; and effective regulation and oversight of system management and financing. I. Introduction The recent sharp increases in the prices of oil, natural gas, uranium and coal underline the importance for all countries to focus on development of alternative energy resources. For developing countries, these price increases can have ruinous economic consequences; for many countries already plagued by poverty this......

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