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Mary Erbeck
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ENG 102: Composition II
March 21, 2015
Remember Our Power Feminist Gloria Steinem cofounded and became editor of Ms. Magazine to which she published her article “Wonder Woman.” In her article, Steinem wrote about Wonder Woman’s background and life along with the representation of women in comic books and how these different depictions can influence and inspire predominately younger audiences regardless of gender. Steinem’s style is focused mainly on logos to relay a clear image of Wonder Woman as a character and her impact on readers. She ultimately wanted to inform the reader of the importance of Wonder Woman’s effect on youth in a platform largely directed by the patriarchy and she made a compelling case with a strong, justified logos and clear ethos. Steinem first wrote about her youth as a comic book reader and how comic books were the easily accessible and cheap building blocks to her reading comprehension along with “cereal boxes and ketchup labels” (Steinem). She discussed the psychology behind the need for superheroes in children’s mindsets as a way to better cope with reality and express their individualism but with every superhero being a man young women, like Steinem, had to project their consciousness into male characters suppressing their womanhood to only being a damsel in distress. Steinem wrote that Wonder Woman “rescued” her at the age of seven from the “weak, bosomy, blonde heroines” (Steinem) with her strength, wisdom, speed, and power to inspire love. Steinem being a young and impressionable girl who had read comic books before and after Wonder Woman is her ethos. Ethos is essentially the ethical appeal behind the writer’s intent and Steinem clearly has this because she was a young girl that had to relocate her ideals into male characters until the female character Wonder Woman allowed her to be her own…...

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