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ISM6026: Management of Information Systems and Technology
Professor Derrick Huang

You are a business manager with an IT or IS proposal to resolve a business issue that you encountered. How do you convince your boss(es) to approve this project? You write a business case, of course! A business case, simply put, is a proposal for a project that aims at an internal function area of a company. To do so, you need to define the project, analyze its scale and scope, identify its business impact, and present the financial analysis.
The final project is a “real” business case of an IT solution to a business issue. Each student will pick a company and a particular IT project, and write a business case on it. (You may be allowed to team up with one other student for the project, but such team work has to be approved as a special case in advance based on its pedagogical merit over individual work.) The company of your choice has to be a real one; the proposed IT project has to be realistic, and the combination has to be futuristic.
In order to do this business case project, you should follow the steps:
(1) Come up with a company setting and the issue or project you want to study. You have complete freedom in choosing the company that you want to set your business case in and the project that you want to work on, with only the following restrictions:
• The company has to be a real one, and you have to name it. An anonymous company is not acceptable. (I will agree to non-disclosure terms if you do not want the company to be exposed, especially if you use the company that you work for.)
• You have to have confidence that you can find information about the company. Usually, the company that you work(ed) for or a public company with lots of information and news will serve you well.
• The project has to be IT-centric; that is, the main resolution to the business…...

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