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What is sanity? Some might say that sanity is the ability to see the world, as it is right now. If that is the case, how can we ever know, if anyone is sane?
The question of sanity becomes topical in the short story "Reconciliation" written by Polly Clark in 2006 and the word reconciliation has a very central meaning for the main character. The main character and narrator, Laura seems to see the world a little bit different from other people. The narrator of the short story is a first-person narrator, and therefore she is, by definition, subjective. The story she tells us is seen from her point of view, and it is always a problem, if only one point of view is used on actions. Especially if the narrator has problems seeing the world as it really is.
The narrator's mind seems to be quite untidy. At first, she forgets to bring proper shoes to work, and then she decides to explain it with mountaineering. That is probably one of the worst possible excuses for forgetting anything. This tells us, that the narrator's sense of occasion and sense of order is not the best. Furthermore, she tells us, that she has dry washed her hair, probably without success. That also does not witness about the greatest sense of order.
Perhaps the narrator is looking for order. It could be, that she continuously searches amongst others for the one thing she cannot produce herself. It seems that the narrator is in a drastic psychological development. She is married, but yet she wants to be divorced, and when she goes home after work, it is without her husband.
The relationship between the narrator and her husband was not always strained. They used to talk honestly about deep things to each other, but something happened. It seems that the narrator's husband has been unfaithful to her, and therefore they live apart, waiting for the divorce. Of course it does not have to be…...

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...Reconciliation What is insanity? Some would say that insanity is the seed of disorder in one’s mind, and that those who suffer from insanity, can’t see the world for what it really is. But what if insanity is just the society’s way of dismissing those with a different understanding of the fundamentals of the world. Many people treat those with mental disorders as less than humans, many people just dismisses everything they have to say. This question of disorder becomes very relevant in the short story “Reconciliation” by Polly Clark. The main character and narrator, Laura have developed a different view of the world than most people. The narrator of the short story is a first-person narrator, and therefore she is bound to be Subjective. The story she tells us is seen from her point of view, and it is always a problem, if only one point of view is used on actions. Especially if the narrator has problems seeing the world through uncoloured glasses. The narrators mind is a mess, this is clearly seen in the first line off the story in which she didn’t bring her shoes to work “It's my first day …. and I have forgotten my shoes” (p. 1 l. 1) This show that...

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...bliver der lavet linjeskift, for der bliver ikke startet med stort på næste linje. Det kan ses igennem hele teksten og det er kun i lyrik, at dette bliver brugt. Det er en lidt ironisk tekst, da forfatteren godt ved, at de her unge piger som han omtaler, ikke bruger oh my god som en bøn. Tekst 2 er et opslag. Det er taget fra en form for betydnigsordbog. Der er et meget højt stilniveau, da det er et meget formelt skriftsprog, der er brugt. D 1. If the twins finally win the competition, it’s a sensation. 2. The old lady had never before considered, that a holiday abroad might be exciting. 3. “Has my shirt been ironed?” He yelled from the bedroom. 4. After the fight, the boxer looked unusually weak and tired. Reconciliation The short story is a realistic text. It’s a first person narrator, which gives a more personal relationship to the main character, we feel sympathy for her. The short story describes everything very carefully, as on page 8 line 10-15, she even describes how the desks look like. The narrator – Laura is an insecure person. She hasn’t dealt with the break up between her husband and her very well, she hasn’t moved on, which is why she seeks a job at her husband’s job. There are many signs that she is doing bad, she sleeps with her clothes on and doesn’t shower, because she wants to save as much time as possible for sleep, that is a clear sign, that she doesn’t have any reserves of energy. She has also become quite jealous, when......

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