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1. Do you visit a convenient store? A. Yes B. No, Please hand the form back to the personal in charge

1. Which hotels do you live in around Sunway University? A. Sun U condominium B. Sunway Hostel C. Lagoon View D. Indah villa E. Others ………………

2. On a daily basis, during which time interval you most likely will be out of your hostel?

A. 06.00 Am – 12.00 Pm B. 12.01 Pm – 06.00 Pm C. 06.01 Pm – 12.00 Am D. 12.01 Am – 06.00 Am

3. How many times in a week do you drop by university after class hour? A. 0-1 B. 2-3 C. 4-5 D. 6 and above

4. Is it difficult for you to find food or drink at night in the campus? A. Yes B. No C. Sometimes

5. How many times in a week do you visit the convenience store? A. 1-2 times B. 3-4 times C. 5-6 times D. 6 and above

For the questions 6 and 7 below, please rank according what you prefer most to the least prefer. 1=most prefer 2= prefer 3= less prefer 4= No preference

6. In your opinion, what do you prefer to purchase in a convenience store?

|Photo copy | |
|Snacks | |
|Drinks | |
|Stationaries | |
|Magazine | |
|Top up…...

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