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Historical Perspectives of Abnormal Psychology Paper

Over the time the definition for abnormality have changed over time. Abnormal behavior can be explained as behavior that significantly differs from some consensually agreed upon norm and is in some way harmful to the person or to others (Meyer, Chapman, & Weaver, 2009). If the stress of your daily active lead you to drink, some may see it as abnormal. When you consider killing yourself because life is too stressful. It will be label as being abnormal. A Normal behavior is a behavior that allows you to function in a natural way that does not interfere with your daily life. When you are able to do day to day task without letting it affect you. That is considered normal. If you go along with everything others are doing. That too is considered normal. To be normal you have to be able to adapt to what your environment or situation you are in. In life we do not know what tomorrow may bring. Normal and abnormal behavior is determined in consideration of the continuum between normality and abnormality. You also have to keep in mind that social context or historical context must be taken into account when answering the question as each culture and social structure has its own consideration of the two different facets of human behavior or thinking.

1. Help seeking- Abnormality can be identified by simply seeing who seeks treatment for emotional problems.
2 .Irrationality/Dangerousness-Mental illnesses is often associated with irrational, dangerous, or out-of-control behavior.
3 .Deviance-This refers to differentness, which is behavior or feelings that are extreme or statistically unusual.
4 .Emotional distress-This can be in the form of sadness or anxiety, it is associated with most forms of psychopathology and is a useful criterion for defining and identifying mental illness.
5. Significant…...

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