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14 November 2013
Triumph of the Will Reaction My breath was taken away when I saw those beautiful roofs in that cozy German town. The smoke leaving the chimneys gave me a warm sense of home while the beautiful open sky begged me to walk down the city streets. As the camera drifted towards the grand gothic church with its bells ringing, I wanted leave immediately to go on a German vacation. The scene truly captured the best of the area, and left me wanting more. I would be proud if that was my home. The city streets were full of flags, flags symbolizing national pride, flags with swastikas on them. I can see the emotional appeal of this imagery, because it was working on me almost 80 years later, minus the swastikas. It is not hard to see or feel how the country men of Germany would have seen this film in their own hometowns after World War I. Imagine downtrodden people, in an economic depression and in need of a leader who could restore hope. The next scene with farmers presenting their crops to Hitler in traditional garb was also enchanting. Here is this man rising to power, bringing a message of hope and given homage to the past. People of Germany were in need of food and seeing this bounty would have look seductive and promising. I was also found myself admiring the beautiful cloths and heritage they represented. They looked festive, special and symbolic of better times. The farmers made their way to the German motorcade. The traditional German got to shake hands with a modern progressive. Eager on-lookers were seen climbing up on ledges to get a better look. The visuals so far in this film present the audience with a curious wonder. Who is this man and what is all the fuss about? If I had been viewing this in a small town after only hearing rumors of this man, I would be intrigued to know more. So far…...

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...Propaganda as defined by Jowett and O’Donnell “is the deliberate, systematic attempt to shape perceptions, manipulate cognitions, and direct behavior to achieve a response that furthers the desired intent of the propagandist” (Prop, 7). In this definition, similar to others, the words “shape”, “manipulate”, and “direct” tend to spur an uneasy feeling for many. Propaganda, which “is associated with bad things or evil forces,” (Pers 33) has such a negative connotation that people who disagree with a message will publicly label it as propaganda to make the audience feel threatened by the communicator and by the message delivered by the enemy. Historically, propaganda has been known to be the cause of war and deaths. But, can propaganda ever be a good thing? It has served as an end to genocide and as a reinforcement to stay healthy. Therefore, propaganda can be ethical or unethical depending on the situation and the purpose. The role of propaganda during wartime periods has been present since we can remember and has such a powerful impact that brings out the same result of a violent war in a nonviolent manner (Prop, 231). When propaganda outcomes are viewed as similar to war it most definitely makes it an unethical form of persuasion. A specific example of that is Nazi propaganda during World War II. When Hitler took power his Minister of Propaganda, Joseph Goebbels, described Hitler’s propaganda as possible to prove that a square is a circle with enough repetition...

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