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Assignment 11.3
Project Manager Communication
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The article Effective Communication: A Challenge to Project Managers by Mei Yuen Foong was written to provide project managers the basics that they need to become more effective communicators with specific groups. The author suggests that 40% of projects fail because of ineffective communications efforts, making the essence of this article, effective communications and how this is a challenge to project managers. A good definition of project communication management can be “Project Communications Management includes the process required to ensure timely and appropriate generation, collection, dissemination, storage, and ultimate disposition of project information” (Project management institute standards committee, 1996). When reading this article, it is easy to tell that its author is a seasoned project manager as she discusses three challenges that a project manager my encounter.
She initially she speaks on stakeholders and the communication issues you might encounter with them. When dealing with your stakeholders you need to establish an understanding of what their desired level of communication is because the level of depth varies stakeholder to stakeholder. The project manager should find out if the level of communication is sufficient enough for the stakeholder’s needs. Some stakeholders need greater detail while other stakeholders may need summary information, or may request notification only in the case of an emergency. Some may prefer to see charts and graphs while some just want a short synopsis. Once this is established then the project manager can determine if meetings, conference calls, emails or letters are the most effective way to distribute information to project stakeholders. It is possible that a different type of communication is appropriate to meet…...

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