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comp#1 unit 4, lab#1
Ms. Anderson
A loving mother is always a blessing but a loving and understanding mother can be hard to find. In one instant as kid I decided to take her car for a joy ride in the middle of the. On my way home I decided to take the 1996 honda civic off-road. Before I can get ten feet from the concrete the car is stuck teetering. I go home and try to find a way to bring it back before she goes to work. Being a kid I was worried about getting in more trouble then I could hand so I grab some tools and try to pop the steering colum to make it seem like it was stolen. Maybe a year later I decide to take my grandfather’s truck for a ride. I was gone for a half an hour. In the mist of being gone I was distracted will driving and whent up a curb into the trunk of a parked car. After leaving the seen I end up going to make sure no one got hurt and was arrested. Later released to my grandparent’s custody. I end up staying there although I was dreading going home.
I could not pop the steering colum so I went home and went to sleep. When morning came my stepdad went in the garage to smoke a cigarette and found the car missing. He woke up my mom and the where frantic looking for the car. After about ten minutes they come in my room asking what did I with the car I told the I didn’t know what happen. So the end up reporting the car stolen after an hour of lies I finally said “I know were the car is because I took it and got it stuck.” Even after all the lies they just took everything out my room “except for my bed” and didn’t even get a whooping.
After the wait I got home and again my room is almost empty. Still no whooping but instead they make me cut my hair and write abunch of words and definitions. For a month I would stay in my room after school and write. Come out to eat and go back to my room only could come out when asked to but in the…...

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