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Navistar Case
Table of Contents

Executive Summary
Part 1 Executive Summary
Issues Identification
Part 2 Issues Identification
Environmental & Root Cause Analysis
Part 3 Environmental & Root Cause Analysis
Alternatives and/or Options
Part 4 Alternatives
Part 5 Recommendations
Part 6 Implementation Plan
Monitor & Control
Part 7 Monitor and Control
Part 8 Conclusion

Part 1 Executive Summary
Navistar was a worldwide leader in the manufacturing medium and heavy trucks for 17 consecutive years in the North America market.

Navistar’s premium conventional trucks were produced at the Chatham assembly plant, which had almost 14 years experience in producing Navistar’s premium line since 1983. Navistar had forecasted increased industry demand for heavy and medium trucks in 1998.

Especially, the Chatham assembly plant’s customers had strict requirements to the truck’s quality and delivery date. As the assembly supervisor in Chatham, Andy Ramsz encountered the interior trim quality and delivery problem for the truck. Andy had begun to gather data on the interior trim supply problem and he got the crucial reasons for these problems occurred. These reasons absolutely affected the Navistar’s internal supply process, increased the extra cost as well as reduced the efficiency of the supply management.

According to the reasons identified for the trim supply problem, my decision is to set up the improved procedure focused on problems identified and take plans to enhance efficiency and productiveness of trim supply chain so as to relieve the difficulty of shortage problem and meet customers’ requirement accurately.

Part 2 Issues Identification
Navistar’s Issues:
Long cycle time of truck design and enormous accessories
Nature: Tactical Timing: Long term Short Term
Navistar provided premium trucks ranged in…...

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