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Procedural Email Message Assignment
Nora Field
ENG 315 – Professional Communications
Professor Mark Crilly
April 15, 2015

To: FSSD Project Manager <>
From: Nora Field <nora.field@donfssd.coml>
Subject: ACTION: New Procedures for Project Tracking

FSSD Project Manager,

Alternations and construction projects constitute a large percentage of our expenditures in the Facilities and Support Services Division. Currently we do not have procedures in place that will allow for project and financial tracking and accountability. Therefore, I have created a summary project log for which each project and the cost associated will be logged and tracked. You will also be responsible for creating project folders which will contain all supporting documentation pertaining to each project. The new procedures are effective April 20, 2015.

Directions to access that share drive, instructions on completing the project log and for creating project files are outline on the attached file.

I realize that this may be painful at the beginning but in the long run will benefit FSSD in greater visibility and reporting to leadership of workload and financial portfolios.

If I can provide assistance or address any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me at 703-555-2570 or email at

Very Respectfully, Nora Field Financial Manager Facilities and Support Services

Attachment: Procedures of Project Tracking

Procedures for Share Drive Access and Project Tracking

* Complete Security Access Request (SAR). SAR form can be located by going to the FSSD Customer Portal and select form folder. Select file name SAR Form and follow the directions for completing located on back of form. Submit form to the Facilities Director, Jim Jones for…...

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