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To: All Employees
From: General Manager
Subject: Interaction with Dogs While Exercising and Training

It has come to my attention that the policies and procedures set in place by management for exercise sessions of our borders has not been upheld to the highest of standards. Rin Tin Inn has developed these policies and procedures to protect the dogs in our care as well as our staff members. Please read the procedures stated below, print, sign and date, and turn this document into management for our records.
Failure to adhere to these policies and procedures while conducting exercise sessions with our borders will result in write ups and or possible termination of employment. All policies and procedures MUST be up held when handling, supervising, or interacting with our borders.
Remember, each dog reacts differently to every situation making them unpredictable and present a certain level of risk. This risk becomes ever more prevalent when handling or interacting with dogs participating in training and exercising.
I look forward to your continued understanding, cooperation and support of our companies’ policies and procedures. Any further questions please direct them to your immediate supervisor.
General Manager
Pauline Hoagland
Procedures for Interaction with Dogs While Exercising and Training
For each exercise session
• Sign into the Exercise and Training Log
• Identify and record the dog(s) identification number, boarding kennel of origin, which run the individual is being transferred to for exercise session, and entry time to exercise run.
• Transfer dog(s) safely with the use of a leash to an empty run. o Consider placing compatible dogs of the same sex within the same run to afford the opportunity for social interaction.
• Encourage positive physical interaction between dog(s) during exercise session. o Recognize individuals who…...

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