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Civilization of the Middle Ages
Christine de Pisan
“Primary Source Essay”
Whether born to a Father working in French nobility, or just being the average woman in society during the late 1300's, the support for education of women was unyielding. However, this firm belief men claimed was challenged by Christine de Pisan. Christine's recognition of “being the first European woman to earn her living as a writer” and being regarded as “one of the first Western feminists” were not her only feats. Christine disputed the humanists division of opinion for education of women, challenged that a limited form of education was not sufficient enough, and claimed that, “not all men (and especially the wisest) share the opinion that it is bad for women to be educated” (p. 212).
To begin with, Christine states, “I am amazed by the opinion of some men who claim that they do not want their daughters, wives, or kinswomen to be educated because their mores would be ruined as a result” (p. 212). However, how can “mores” of men be ruined during this time of humanism in European society, that focused on the center of human value, capacities, and worth. Christine is trying to claim that the “humanists division” for education of women contradicts the idea of humanism itself and should be applicable to both men and women. Furthermore, Christine states, “How could anyone think or believe that whoever follows good teaching or doctrine is worse for it?” (p. 212). Exemplifying here feelings that an education for a woman is a core human value and only makes each individual better not worse. Christine also clearly states that she does “not mean that it would be good for a man or a woman to study the art of divination or those fields of learning which are forbidden” (p. 213). Christine wants to go against society and specially those who believe against education…...

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