Prayer in School Debate Paper

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Prayer in School
Katrina, Anthony, and Tab
October 5, 2011

Prayer in School
Throughout our society, prayer in school has become extinct. Prayer is a form of communication or a way of talking to God or other saints (Richert, N.D.). Although prayer in school may focus on religion, violate the first amendment, and separation of church and state, there are both advantages and disadvantages of prayer in our schools. Being that we are a diverse society and everyone has his or her own personal opinion on prayer in our schools; it still remains one of the most controversial issues today. The decision to take prayer out of public schools has become one of the most controversial issues throughout our society. The argument of whether or not prayer should be allowed in public schools is still misunderstood. When determining whether or not prayer should be allowed in public schools, it is important to consider both the advantages and disadvantages. In our society, 90% of America’s youngsters attend public schools. The children that attend public schools come from homes that espouse a variety of religious and philosophical beliefs (
The pros and cons of prayer in public schools are not a cut and dry issue. There are many avenues to this matter. Pros arguments that have been expressed by people that approve of prayer in schools argue to banish prayer takes away the student’s freedom and molds them to be like non-religious students ( ). One of the advantages of having a freedom of religious beliefs is that it allows everyone to believe and practice whatever they want. A rising number of school related problems such as alcoholism, drugs, and pregnancy has been issues that students deal with daily. These social issues would benefit by not only addressing personal needs, but by nurturing and strengthening things that are…...

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