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PPD – Alison Cox
I have completed the level 3 Health and social care 90 credit diploma and now continuing onto the 2nd year of the 90 credit extended diploma. I have gained a lot of experience in a various amount of health and social care settings, where I have been on placement within the 1st year. The placements I have been on vary from being on a children’s ward, to a pre-school and a day centre with learning difficulties and elderly with dementia. I have gained knowledge on the topics I have studied and have developed a lot from them including communication and problem solving. The skills I have developed throughout my placements are communicating with others in the workplace including the staff and service users, I also feel that I have plenty of experience caring and looking after young children from my placements and at home.
From experiences I feel I have good initiative and can make quick decisions when needed to do so. I feel that I have the respect to support the patients and the surrounding family and make sure that their beliefs and what their values are taken into consideration. I also feel that I have the maturity to deal with difficult situations when put into my hands due to being on placement and having a part time job as a bar tender, where sometimes you need these skills and knowledge to deal with situations when things get difficult in the workplace and you can come across challenging individuals. As having a lot of young children in my family this has reinforced my passion for working with young children, also nursing is a life-long learning career, I enjoy learning new things and this is why I would like to get into this profession.
I am a caring person and the influences of my part time job as being a bar tender I find it easier to interact with new people, I think this is an important quality as working in any care profession you meet…...

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