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With services like the Internet, people are able to work anywhere with their laptops and smartphones. People can leave their offices and still stay fully connected and work on the move. The printer remains the one device that seemed to have missed the mobile revolution. Our new startup company has come up with a new product to turn this necessary accessory into a mobile tool by creating a mini mobile robotic printer that can be can used simply by placing it on a blank sheet of paper. The company works with the main focus on changing existing products in the market through innovation and making them more efficient, and the Pocket Printer aptly reiterates this objective.

Even though the printing industry is declining at an average rate of 2%, it generated an astounding $77.6 billion in 2014. The printing industry is highly fragmented, with the four largest printing companies accounting for less than 25% of the industry’s revenue. This indicates that there is no clear domination and new companies do not face strong barriers to entry (Printing in the US Industry). There are two direct competitors, the portable printers offered by Canon and HP. They have both received positive reviews and show a general rising popularity on Google trends indicating an interest in the product category. While the pocket printer is a unique product, there are some weaknesses in the current prototype. Strength | Weakness | Light and portablePrint on paper of all sizesEasy connectivity | Slow speed of printingPrints only in greyscale | Opportunities | Threats | First of its kindInterest from Microsoft | Patent pending | SWOT ANALYSIS

CUSTOMERS The potential customers comprise of high school and university students, property agents and salespersons,…...

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