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1. What are the different roles of violence in a political system, both maintaining a particular political order and in bringing about political change? 2. When is violence more likely to be restored to and why might it succeed? 3. Is it sometime necessary?

Political violence can emerge from an attempt by a group or a government to obtain political goals through use of violence or the threat of violence. Before elaborating definition and aspects of Political violence, it will be useful to identify non-violence processes a government or beaurocracy implements by following the law of a country. Elections, a political agreement between two parties and etc. are some examples of non-violent actions that the government or the executives of a government follow when necessary. These exemptions to violence are normally defining country’s law system and in case of the United States they are defined in the Constitution. Elections are used for many different purposes but it is very important when the result of it affects large population. Changing a leadership through an election affects to the future of a country. When inspect most counties and their political system, it becomes obvious that governments are using political violence or at least threat of violence to establish the political object in the region, and this tool (political violence) is not only use by types of governments such as monarchy, dictatorship, or oligarchy, it has also become a tool for democracy and republic political systems. (cite : comparative political studies)

Social mobilization is the mobilization of group of civilians for factious political purposes. This type of political events consists of large public gatherings, parades, and demonstrations and these also can be a part of actions such protests. According to a study over political and sociological systems of ten countries, the…...

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