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AND PUBLIC POLICY guidance on the application of community development approaches to different aspects of anti-poverty and social inclusion work

Siobhán Lynam

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Siobhán Lynam

Community Development and Public Policy


© 2006

ISBN: 1-905485-11-5
While every effort has been made to ensure that the information contained in this book is accurate, no legal responsibility is accepted by the author or Combat Poverty for any errors or omissions. The views expressed in this publication are the author’s own and not necessarily those of Combat Poverty Agency.


Community Development and Public Policy



Background to the publication
Structure of the publication


Section 1: Defining public policy
1.1 What is public policy?
1.2 How is policy made?
1.3 The public policy cycle
1.4 Example of a community organisation’s impact on policy


Section 2: A community-development approach to policy making
2.1 Giving voice to excluded groups
2.2 Characteristics of a community-development approach
2.3 Value of adopting a community-development approach


Section 3: Influencing public policy making
3.1 Develop a policy agenda
3.2 Make it an integral part of the work
3.3 Be focused
3.4 Develop a strategy for the influence
3.5 Understand the process of policy implementation
3.6 Build operational and organisational capacity


Section 4: Issues and challenges
4.1 Challenges for the community sector
4.1 Challenges for the statutory sector


Section 5: References…...

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