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The organization that I have chosen to write about throughout this course, I could not find any programs or organizations they sponsor. So for the purpose of this assignment I will just write about the Guardian ad Litem program itself. I could easily give an analysis of this organization based off the six policy elements. This organization is awesome and I would recommend checking it out.
The missions, goals, and objectives are great for this organization. The mission statement is: “Advocating for the child’s best interest is the Program’s only purpose. These Program Standards are to be interpreted to support the mission”. (Guardian ad Litem, 2004) This organizations goals & objectives are simple for powerful. This organization is purely to help children in the courts system. They believe that a child should be loved and have safe environment no matter what.
The forms of benefits and services delivered are coordinated with the courts. On this org’s website they provide a standard of operations and it explains everything, having to do with benefits and services. Entitlement rules are easy for this org; it is solely for the children in the court system that has no voice. This org speaks for them in the courts when no one else will. This organization has a set of standards they go by for these two policies.
Guardian ad Litem depends on many for their funding. According to Guardian ad Litem (2004), “Federal, state and local government agencies, non-profit and faith-based organizations, private foundations and corporations are working together to support the efforts of the Guardian ad Litem program” (para. 1). Also this program has a lot of volunteers as well. Volunteers are essential for this program to run. Pro Bono Attorneys are also a welcome to this organization. All of these examples go into the policy element of Financing Method.
In Conclusion, I have…...

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