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The Phoenix Center
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On April 11, 2014, at 10:00am, I spoke with Lisa Wicker at Phoenix Center. She is the Coordinator of Developmental Disabilities. There are five people Ken Pritchard, Chairperson, Wayne Robinson, Vice Chairperson, Linda curry, Faye coulter, Harold Dickey. On the Board of Directors, Management team there are twelve Executive Management Team, James E. Singleton, Chief Executive Officer, Dan Ioanitescu, Medical Director, Patty Winter Clinical Director, Lisa Wicker, Coordinator of Developmental Disabilities, Nancie Masters, Director, Human Resources, James Parrish, Sr., Director of information Technology Management, Sandra Olsen, Chief Financial Officer, Angela Lofy, RN, Nurse Manager, Crisis Stabilization Unit, Demetrice Burner, Coordinator, Substance Abuse Service, Adrianne F. Towels, Outpatient Services Coordinator, Meave Brennan, CARF Accreditation & Performance Improvement(Phoenix Center n.d)
Phoenix Center Behavioral Health Services was established in 1970. This organization has provided services for over 30,000 adults, children and adolescents, and families for the past 40 years in the Middle Georgia area. Phoenix center is a Not for Profit community care giver. Donations are received to help serve the local community. This public corporation was created by the Georgia General Assembly to address the needs of children and adults with a mental illness, addictive disease or intellectual or developmental disability. They primarily serve the counties of Houston, Peach, and Crawford, but also serve consumers from other areas who find our offices more convenient and accessible (Lisa Wicker (April 11, 2014). Their mission is to provide comprehensive behavioral health and intellectual developmental disability services that improve…...

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