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PEST Analysis Template

Situation being analysed: ______________________________________________________________________

PEST analysis (political, economical, social, technological) assesses a market, including competitors, from the standpoint of a particular proposition or a business.

|criteria examples |political |economical |criteria examples |
| | | | |
|ecological/environmental | | |home economy |
|current legislation | | |economy trends |
|future legislation | | |overseas economies |
|international legislation | | |general taxation |
|regulatory bodies and | | |taxation specific to |
|processes | | |product/services |
|government policies | | |seasonality issues |
|government term and change | | |market/trade cycles |
|trading policies | |…...

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...PEST Analysis Template Situation being analysed: ______________________________________________________________________ PEST analysis (political, economical, social, technological) assesses a market, including competitors, from the standpoint of a particular proposition or a business. |criteria examples |political |economical |criteria examples | | | | | | |ecological/environmental | | |home economy | |current legislation | | |economy trends | |future legislation | | |overseas economies | |international legislation | | |general taxation | |regulatory bodies and | | |taxation specific to | |processes | | |product/services ......

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...Source: Last accessed 11.21.2011 PEST Analysis Understanding "Big Picture" Forces of Change Also PESTLE, PESTEL, PESTLIED, STEEPLE & SLEPT. PEST Analysis is a simple but important and widely-used tool that helps you understand the big picture of the Political, Economic, Socio-Cultural and Technological environment you are operating in. PEST is used by business leaders worldwide to build their vision of the future. It is important for these reasons:  By making effective use of PEST Analysis, you ensure that what you are doing is aligned positively with the forces of change that are affecting our world. By taking advantage of change, you are much more likely to be successful than if your activities oppose it.  Good use of PEST Analysis helps you avoid taking action that is condemned to failure for reasons beyond your control.  PEST is useful when you start operating in a new country or region. Use of PEST Analysis helps you break free of unconscious assumptions, and helps you quickly adapt to the realities of the new environment. How to Use the Tool: PEST is a simple mnemonic standing for Political, Economic, Socio-Cultural and Technological. Please see worksheet on the following page. Using the tool is a three stage process:  First, you brainstorm the relevant factors that apply to you, using the prompts below.  Second, you identify the information that applies to these factors.  Third, you draw conclusions...

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...PEST Analysis of Pakistan Telecom Sector: The Telecom sector all around the world and especially in Pakistan has experienced a tremendous growth in the last few years. The telecommunication sector of Pakistan was awarded the status of industry in 2005 and since then it has been one of the fastest growing sectors of Pakistan quite eminent from various factors such as the mobile density reaching 52.87 in April, 2008 and the number of mobile subscribers reaching 85 million. (Source: Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, Annual report 2007-2008). PEST stands for Political, Economical, Social & Technological factors of the external macro-environment. A PEST analysis is an analysis of the external macro-environment that affect all firms, Such external factors usually are beyond the firm’s control and sometimes present themselves as threats. Many macro-environmental factors are country specific and a PEST analysis will need to be performed for all countries of interest. Political Factors: Political environment of Pakistan is stable in the current situation and country is doing excellent on economic front. Environment is investor friendly for telecommunication sector. Government is also supporting telecom industry. Economic Factors: Marketers should consider long term and short term state of a trading market. Inflation is controlling by state bank and under strict eyes but unemployment rate is going up and up with the increase of level of poverty. Socio-Cultural......

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...When making a PEST analysis chart, you'll want to examine several external factors that may influence business operations and decision making, then classify these factors into four distinct buckets: policitcal, economic, social, and technical. Political factors are essentially how and to what degree a government's policy will impact a business's operations and decisions. Political factors include tax policy, labor law, environmental law, trade restrictions, regulations, tariffs, and political and economical stability. Governments have great influence on national infrastructure and the general education of the population as potential employees and customers. Economic factors are local, national, and international economic conditions that can influence a business's operations and decisions. Economic factors include economic growth, interest rates, taxes, consumer confidence, exchange and inflation rates. Social factors include lifestyle trends such as health consciousness, population growth rate, age distribution, career attitudes, and ethics. Trends in social factors also affect the demand for a business's products and how that business operates. Technological factors include R&D activity, licensing and acquiring patents, available research funding, communications, automation, technology incentives and the rate of technological innovation. Technological factors may determine barriers to entry, minimum efficient production level, and influence outsourcing......

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...1.1 PEST Analysis 1.1.1Political factors ‘“Open skies” refers to an international policy concept and air transport agreements, which liberalize the rules and regulations on international aviation’. It includes regulation relate to international airline market, and make able to reduce control by government. This regulation has a relationship with various factors, which includes both of both of travelers and freights, of airline industry (USlegal,2013). Nowadays, many countries joined to this regulation, such as EU and ASEAN. India joined to this regulation without exception. September 2012, the Indian government announced that they designed to give permission to foreign airline industry to corner 49percent of airline industry of India. Therefore, six greatest Indian airlines have loan of combined $13billion, and have been expected to loose combined $1.6billion for this year by Center for Aviation since March 2013. In short, it is consequently difficult to develop their business within India for Indian airline companies, and the loose of the business has to expected. On the other hand, airline industry in other countries hesitate to enter the market, cause they expect they are not able to earn enough profits from Indian due to their low incomes (The Economist,2013). Therefore, it can be an opportunity to develop Indian airline industry even within the regulation. 1.1.2 Economic factors Nowadays, the increasing cost of fuel can been seen in airline industry......

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...PEST Analysis The company we are focusing on is Canadian Solar. They are a multinational firm that operates in several countries such as “Canada, Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea, Spain, Australia and the United States”. (Canadian Solar) They are a leader in the solar energy industry. A detailed PEST (Political, Economic, Social and Technological) analysis will be provided on how these elements affect the company. There are various political regulations and by-laws passed by the Canadian government to help regulate proper practices of using and installing solar energy. These regulations affect Canadian Solar and their practices. For instance, in the 1970s and 1980s there were a large number of solar panels installed that were not installed properly because they were added by unqualified people. (Pouyot, SOL Spring Issue, 2007) Today there are strict regulations on getting the permission to install solar energy panels which protect land owners from liabilities. Permits must be attained from the government. This regulation protects Canadian Solar from any lawsuits from poor quality installation of solar panels or any damage to their customers’ property. This also helps them meet a certain standard of excellence to help their image and their customers. (Pouyot, SOL Spring Issue, 2007) From 2007 to 2012 the world suffered a global recession. Canada was affected by it but not as severely as other countries worldwide. Economists say we are not in a recession but many Canadians......

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...PEST Analysis What is PEST Analysis? It is very important that an organization considers its environment before beginning the marketing process. In fact, environmental analysis should be continuous and feed all aspects of planning. The organization's marketing environment is made up of: 1. The internal environment e.g. staff (or internal customers), office technology, wages and finance, etc. 2. The micro-environment e.g. our external customers, agents and distributors, suppliers, our competitors, etc. 3. The macro-environment e.g. Political (and legal) forces, Economic forces, Sociocultural forces, and Technological forces. These are known as PEST factors. Political Factors. The political arena has a huge influence upon the regulation of businesses, and the spending power of consumers and other businesses. You must consider issues such as: 1.How stable is the political environment? 2.Will government policy influence laws that regulate or tax your business? 3.What is the government's position on marketing ethics? 4. What is the government's policy on the economy? 5. Does the government have a view on culture and religion? 6. Is the government involved in trading agreements such as EU, NAFTA, ASEAN, or others? Economic Factors. Marketers need to consider the state of a trading economy in the short and long-terms. This is especially true when planning for international marketing. You need to look at: 1. Interest rates. 2. The level of inflation......

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...Example PEST Analysis and practical exercise The PEST analysis takes a look at the external environment that the organisation is in. It quite simply asks us to consider the political, economic, social and technical influences on an organisation. This is sometimes called STEP and can even including environmental and legal considerations. Below is an exemplar analysis of Coca-Cola P Political change – government agendas for performance, targets and funding Political Analysis for Coca-Cola Non-alcoholic beverages fall within the food category under the FDA. The government plays a role within the operation of manufacturing these products in terms of regulations. There are potential fines set by the government on companies if they do not meet a standard of laws. The following are some of the factors that could cause Coca-Cola company's actual results to differ materially from the expected results described in their underlying company's forward statement:- • Changes in laws and regulations, including changes in accounting standards, taxation requirements, (including tax rate changes, new tax laws and revised tax law interpretations) and environmental laws in domestic or foreign jurisdictions. • Changes in the non-alcoholic business environment. These include, without limitation, competitive product and pricing pressures and their ability to gain or maintain share of sales in the global market as a result of action by competitors. • Political......

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...Introduction to PEST Analysis (external environment) PEST analysis is concerned with the environmental influences on a business. The acronym stands for the Political, Economic, Social and Technological issues that could affect the strategic development of a business. Identifying PEST influences is a useful way of summarising the external environment in which a business operates. However, it must be followed up by consideration of how a business should respond to these influences. Political – these factors have a direct impact on the way a business operates. Decisions made by government affect our everyday lives and can come in the form of policy or legislation. The government’s introduction of a statutory minimum wage affects all businesses, as do consumer and health and safety laws and so on. Economical – businesses are affected by these factors nationally and globally. Interest rate policy and fiscal policy will have to be set accordingly. Within the UK the climate of the economy dictates how consumers may behave within society. Whether an economy is in a boom, recession or recovery will also have an effect on consumer confidence and behaviour. An economy that is booming is characterised by certain variables. Unemployment is low, job confidence is high, and because of this confidence spending by consumers is also high. This has an impact on most businesses. Organisations have to be able to keep up with the increased demand if they are to increase......

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...processing industry is comprised of fruit and vegetable; fish and maritime crop; animal protein and fowl crop; flour and bakery crop; drink and confectionery; dairy food; food condiments and seasonings; food supplement; bottled irrigate; snack food; and fat and oils. Packaged food industry A. Packaged food sales totaled US$9.1 billion in 2011. Dairy products reported the highest Market share of 17 percent, in which bakery (14 percent), oils and fats (11 percent), Sweet and savory snacks (8 percent) and dried processed food (8 percent). B. The highest compound annual growth rate (CAGR) was in frozen processed food (10 percent), followed by meal solutions (7 percent), canned Preserved food (7 percent) and chilled processed food (7 percent). PEST ANALYSIS POLITICAL ANALYSIS Democracy: Constitutional republic with a presidential system Labor laws: The minimum age for employment is 15 years old, Working hours 8 hrs./day, 5 days/week Foreign investor can invest (ownership): 100% Corporate Tax (averaged 2006-2014): 31.67% Vat: 12% A. B. There is a law that a woman who is employed cannot do marriage, so women of Philippines might not take interest in job, and so it can affect business in which women is needed. ECONOMIC ANALYSIS A. The Philippines rank is 19th out of 41 countries in the Asia Pacific region. And 44th the biggest economy on the earth According to HSBC estimates. The stock market is one of the best performers in the region. B. Economy has......

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...International PEST or ETPS |Economic____________ |Technological_____________ |Political-Legal_________ |Socio-cultural__________ | |Economic development |Regulations on technology transfer |Form of government |Customs, norms, values | |Per capita income |Energy availability/cost |Political ideology |Language | |Climate |Natural resource availability |Tax laws |Demographics | |GDP trends |Transportation network |Stability of government |Life expectancies | |Monetary and fiscal policies |Skill level of workforce |Government attitude towards foreign companies |Social institutions | |Unemployment levels |Patent-trademark protection |Regulations on foreign ownership of assets |Status symbols | |Currency convertibility |Internet availability ...

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... |เป็นรองเฉพาะโรงพยาบาลในสังกัดสภาคริสตจักรในประเทศไทยซึ่งตั้ง อยู่ในจังหวัดเชียงใหม่เช่นกัน | |อัตราการเจริญเติบโต (Growth rate) |มีการเจริญเติบโตอยู่ในระดับสูงเมื่อเทียบกับโรงพยาบาลชั้นนำใน กทม. หรือ โรงพยาบาลที่อยู่ในตลาดหลักทรัพย์| |เทียบเคียงจากผลกำไรขั้นต้น |และเทียบกับโรงพยาบาลที่มีการยอมรับสูงทั้งในและต่างประเทศ | นวัตกรรมของผลิตภัณฑ์ เครื่องตรวจวินิจฉัย CT 64 Slides, เครื่องสวนหัวใจ การรวมตัวกันในอุตสาหกรรม กลุ่มสมาชิกสมาคมโรงพยาบาลเอกชน เพื่อเป็นที่ปรึกษา ประชุมกำหนดแนวทางการทำงานร่วมกันของสมาชิก ตลอดจนการช่วยเหลือกันระหว่างสมาชิก 3.2 การวิเคราะห์โอกาสและข้อจำกัดจากสภาวะแวดล้อมโดยทั่วไป |สภาวะแวดล้อมโดยทั่วไป (PEST) |การคาดการณ์ที่จะเกิดขึ้น ในอนาคต |โอกาสมาก อุปสรรคมาก | | | | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | | |Political, |รัฐบาลกำลังขาดแค| | | | |Legislation |ลนเงินงบประมาณจึ| | | | |and Regulation|งมีแนวโน้มที่จะจัดเ| | | | |ภาษี |ก็บเก็บภาษีประเภท| | ...

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...PESTEL ANALYSIS PEST analysis stands for "Political, Economic, Social, and Technological analysis" and describes a framework of macro-environmental factors used in the environmental scanning component of strategic management. It is a part of the external analysis when conducting a strategic analysis or doing market research, and gives an overview of the different macro environmental factors that the company has to take into consideration POLITICAL FORCES: Italy has a parliamentary system, like many other European countries. But as usual, Italy has a remarkable complex political environment. There are more than 20 parties. As a result, no party has chance of gaining power alone. So, every single government depends on a sophisticated arrangement of coalitions. During last April it was elected the new Italian government. It is the 62nd government since 1946. Thus the country had an average of one new government per year. No chance! It is impossible to set-up and pursuit long terms goals within this ever changing context. Another dangerous element is again present in Italian politics: right-wing populism. you can blame immigrants for every single Italian problem. Economy : Italy has a diversified industrial economy, which is divided into a developed industrial north, dominated by private companies, and a less-developed, welfare-dependent, agricultural south, with high unemployment. The Italian economy is driven in large part by the manufacture of high-quality consumer......

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...European Conference on Research Methodology for Business and Management Studies Using PEST Analysis as a Tool for Refining and Focusing Contexts for Information Systems Research Guo Chao Alex Peng, Miguel Baptista Nunes Department of Information Studies, University of Sheffield, Regent Court, Sheffield, S1 4DP, UK, Abstract It is common for inexperienced researchers and research students to aim at investigating very wide contexts such as countries (e.g. China, India, UK), regions (e.g. the Arab Countries) or even continents (e.g. Africa). Such studies in Information Systems (IS) are not only unrealistic and potentially unfeasible, but may result in findings that are neither significant nor meaningful. Research supervisors often face difficulties in explaining and resolving these common pitfalls in research proposals. This paper proposes the use of Political, Economic, Social and Technological (PEST, also often referred to as STEP) analysis as a tool to identify narrower contexts and focus research questions around feasible and meaningful regional contexts. It illustrates this process with the results of an analysis carried out as part of an ongoing PhD research project. The project aims to investigate the barriers and risks associated with the post-implementation of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems in Chinese companies. PEST analysis was used to define an appropriate region in China (i.e. Guangdong), as well......

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Pest allure customers in the recession. However, Christine Day, the vice president of Lululemon adopted a contrary approach, now lululemon is profitable. The success of lululemon in the recession attributed to the innovative strategies. First of all, Christine Day did not lower price, but devote into improving quality of clothes. Besides, she attracted customers by offering new products such as running outfits, jackets and accessories and building an e-commerce site. With these successful reforms, lululemon did not only pay off, but also increase the sales demand. Due to insufficient inventory, lululemon has to invest more money into supply chain to meet customer demand. In a short, lululemon is doing its business in an optimistic outlook. PEST Analysis (See Appendix A) Political Department of Finance Canada (2009) reported Canada introduced Economic Action Plan in January 2009. One major part of this plan is reducing tax permanently. Personal income tax falls over $1 billion for the 2009 taxation year, corporate income tax revenues fell $11.2 billion and Goods and Services Tax (GST) revenues declined $4.2 billion. Canada is one member of North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), other members in NAFTA are America and Mexico. Though Canada trade with a lot of countries around the world, the major trading partner of Canada is the U.S., accounting for 77.7 percent of exports in 2008 (Ontario Canada, 2009). Economic Department of Finance Canada (2009) states Canada has......

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