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Personal Goals

February 5, 2015

Setting goals both personal and professional is easier than putting the goals on paper and figuring out how to achieve them. Personal and professional goals can be achieved with confidence and purpose. Balancing drive, achieving personal excellence, and minimizing stress can help accomplish your goals. (Lipsey, 2005).
My personal and professional goals seem to coincide with one another. I have made my career a priority for most of my adult life, working long hours several days a week. The drive was both financial and achieving excellence in my profession. At the point that I felt I had reached my maximum potential in my previous role as charge nurse of a busy critical care unit, I knew that it was time to move on. Try something new, and that meant I was most likely going to return to school.
Earning my BSN in July of 2016 is a short-term goal that will help meet both of my long-term goals. This had been an original personal goal when I first started nursing school, but with young children it quickly was put on the back burner. When my oldest daughter graduated with her bachelor’s degree, this only reinforced that it was now time. The cohort from the hospital seemed like the perfect choice for me. Going to school with colleagues will help hold me accountable for the work. I did look into a few online programs, and I did not feel that I had the motivation to hold myself accountable to do the work. The team charters that we have formed have been particularly helpful. It is like having personal cheerleaders ready to motivate and pick you up when you are down.
Currently, I hold a position as clinical manager of the physiology department at the hospital. When I applied for the position, I knew that I would have a lot to learn. Transitioning from a clinical nurse for 15 years into a managerial role was going to be…...

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