Personal Responsibilty

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Personal Responsibility

Thesis Statement:
College is a huge commitment and it takes a tremendous drive for excellence and to be extremely personal responsible in order to complete assignments on time. Attention to detail in class is also very important for success. The long hours reading and writing papers will prove to be worth it in the long run if we all continue to keep focused on the end results.

Outline: 1. Definition of personal responsibility and what it means to me.

A. The definition of personal responsibility.

B. What personal responsibility means to me.

2. Explain the relationship between personal responsibility and college success.

A. Strive for excellence.

B. Meet commitments.

3. Devise a plan to practice personal responsibility for my educational journey.

A. Keep your eye on the prize

B. The seven p’s and me.

4. Conclusion.

Personal Responsibility, All Access

The subject of personal responsibility is one of the most important values that we have. It is gauged and measured daily by what we can get done and how well we do it. It is a very complicated and complex subject that has different meanings for everyone. I will give you some of my examples of how I handle personal responsibility directly. What is the definition of personal responsibility? I will breakdown this into two parts; personal then responsible. The meaning of personal defined by the Merriam-Webster (2013) dictionary is “belonging, related ownership”. The meaning of responsibility defined by Merriam-Webster (2013) dictionary is the “quality or state of being, something that we should do because it is morally right or legally required.” When we put them together it is the choices and commitments that you make, and do the best you can. It is how other people see us and grade us in life. We must own the…...

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...Personal Responsibility Essay GEN200 Personal Responsibility Essay Personal responsibility is the key to success. To achieve personal responsibility, he or she effectively must hold themself accountable for what they are trying to accomplish. They control their own actions. If they are a responsible person, the commitment is known on what it takes to be successful in life, which includes achieving college success. My Definition of Personal Responsibility My definition of personal responsibility is holding you accountable for your own actions and decisions. You have to be accountable and take ownership of yourself. The actions and decisions you make come with consequences. The consequences can be either good or bad, and depending on how you deal with the consequences could affect yourself or the people around you. Explain the Relationship between Personal Responsibility and College Success The relationship between personal responsibility and college success is quite simple. The responsibility to succeed in college means schedule the time to attend the classes and accomplish the tasks on time that are required. If you were not responsible, you would procrastinate and not schedule the time required to read, accomplish tasks, and study. The truth is you probably would not even show up to class. Preliminary Plan to Practice Personal Responsibility in Your Education The preliminary plan to practice personal responsibility in my education starts by setting yourself...

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...Personal Responsibility: A Students Perspective Personal responsibility can be seen as many things. It can be seen as a moral, metal accountability, reliability or trustworthiness (“Merriam Webster,”). While making excuses, individuals who use an ethical lens of rights and responsibility utilize a number of traits when assuming personal responsibility for college success. In my personal responsibility essay I would like to identify a few of the traits a responsible person should possess for college success. Define what personal responsibility means to me. Explain the correlation of personal responsibility and college success. I also will outline a preliminary plan to practice personal responsibility with in my education. When a student uses rights and responsibility to accept responsibility in order to achieve college success, he or she must possess a number of traits. One such trait would be the ability to reason. Reason is the ability to use critical thinking as means for learning and complex problem solving. Students who possess this trait are also excellent at gathering and analyzing information in order to make an informed decision. Another trait that students who use the rights and responsibility lens display is self-knowledge. This individual knows what they are doing and why they are doing it. When this type of person commits to something they follow through. These are a few of the traits that I feel a student would to possess when accepting personal...

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...Gen 200 Week 2: ROUGH DRAFT By understand what personal responsibility is, what the relationship is between personal responsibility and college, and develop a plan to keep yourself personally responsible it will help pave the road for your success throughout your duration of college. You can come up with many excuses on why you are not successful in college. At the end to be successful in college it comes down to you, and you alone to be personally responsible for yourself. The definition of Personal Responsibility is a set of behaviors that emphasize accountability. This means you are in charge of yourself and your success in college. You are the only one who can earn a degree; no one else will earn it for you. You need to take responsibility for your actions, do your work with integrity, be honest with your mistakes, take pride in your accomplishments, and always strive to do your best. Personal responsibility has a deep relationship with college success, and you cannot be successful in college without this relationship. It is important when you start college that you develop this relationship with the two. You cannot have one without the other. When you become personally responsible, you hold yourself accountable for all your studies in college. You turn your homework in on time, you do your readings every week, you study for tests, you do the research for your studies, etc. By doing this you are creating a relationship between the two and creating your own......

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...Personal Responsibility Essay One’s chances of succeeding in college are highly dependent on their ability to demonstrate their personal responsibility. By doing so, one will be set for success not only in college, but also in life. Personal responsibility is also seen by many as a way to determine one’s character. Instead of giving up on one’s desires in life through the use of poor personal responsibility, they should push themselves to their greatest potential. There are many definitions of what personal responsibility is, depending on who one asks, but the common factor that they have is simply to know what choice is the best one to choose from, whether it be in their role as a leader or life in general. As Michael Korda has been quoted saying in “Leading Thought: Building a Community”(1996-2002), “Success on any major scale requires you to accept responsibility....In the final analysis, the one quality that all successful people have is the ability to take on responsibility.” While searching for information this student came across a perfect explanation of what the definition of personal responsibility is to the majority of people. PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY ESSAY 3 According to Ron Haskins in “The Sequence of Personal Responsibility”(2009), “Personal responsibility is the willingness to both accept the importance of standards that society establishes for individual behavior and to make strenuous personal efforts to live by......

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...Personal Responsibility Essay In: Business and Management Personal Responsibility Essay Personal Responsibility Essay Cory Santiago July 30, 2012 Adam Leon Abstract Write a 1,050- to 1,750-word paper expanding your Personal Responsibility Essay by incorporating feedback from your facilitator and teammates, and including the following: · An introduction · Properly cited and referenced research from library sources · A plan to incorporate effective strategies for success as a student · A conclusion · Reference page Define what personal responsibility means to you, explain the relationship between personal responsibility and college success, and include a preliminary plan to practice personal responsibility in your education. Personal Responsibility Essay Personal Responsibility means to me that one takes ownership of one’s own narrative. They take control of their life by taking on the consequences of their decisions. Personal responsibility is shaped politically, legally, and socially, it is a definition that remains in flux. You have a certain responsibility to your community, to your occupation and colleagues, your school and its integrity, your family, economically, and so on. Each requires a different set of responsibilities and each change with every new situation that arises. It is specific to one’s personal paradigm for viewing the world; what may seem like personal responsibility to one, is not the same......

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...Personal Responsibility and College Success Jennifer James Gen/200 07/20/2014 Heather Coldani Personal Responsibility and College Success Personal responsibility can have many definitions because each individual views personal responsibility differently. I believe that personal responsibility is the ability of each individual to maturely respond to the various challenges and circumstances of life. The challenges I face in my life are work, school and my personal life. Without personal responsibility I would not be able to balance between them. While not everyone believe you need to have personal responsibility to succeed, I believe that having personal responsibility is the key to success in college and in life because it is our capability to handle all of life’s challenges and accepting responsibility for our actions. Life brings each one of us so many challenges and it is hard to balance all of them together without getting stressed. Personal responsibility is needed in order to balance all of these challenges. I never thought I would be capable of working fulltime and going to school but I took action by putting my personal responsibility to use. It was hard for me to accept responsibility at first because I have never been a responsible person but I realized without it college success would be impossible. Failure to accept responsibility for the things in my life that made me unhappy would have led to me making excuses with no progress toward the goals in my......

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...Personal Responsibility Stephen McCauley January 12, 2012 Personal Responsibility Personal responsibility is about taking care of yourself and being accountable for your own actions because everything you do affects not only you but those around you. Personal responsibility is involved in your everyday life; it’s in everything you do from making it to work on time to making sure that assignment you have due is turned by the due date. Not only does it affect you but those around are also affected by personal responsibility, decisions you make on a daily basis can affect those around both negatively and positively. “The opposite of accepting responsibility is making excuses and blaming people and things for what’s going on in your life” (Tracy, 2006-2011), For example if instead of saying I know I should have taken the time to study and prepare for the weeks assignment you decide to say it was because of you didn’t have time or you had to work late you are then making excuses for not taking personal responsibility for your own actions. Personal responsibility and college go hand and hand, without being able to take personal responsibility for how you manage your time and how often you decide to focus on your studies you could have rough time of it in college. College is not like high school in the respect that you won’t have someone telling you where to go and what to do there is less “hand-holding” when you get to the collegiate level, you are......

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...Personal Responsibility and College Success GEN200 Personal Responsibility and College Success It is my belief that the correlation between personal responsibility and college success encompass all areas of my life. Even though teachers are there to teach me, implementing my personal responsibility values will ensure my college success by using solid time management strategies, identifying my goals, and managing my stress. Definition of Personal Responsibility Personal responsibility, to me, means being aware of my commitments, knowing what my resources are to follow through with those commitments, understanding my deficits, exploring ways to better them, and being active with my goal planning. My management of time and stress will be the two biggest hurdles to overcome. When I am considering how best to manage my time, I look at four specific areas: structuring time for my schoolwork, using an effective calendar, scheduling family time, and managing my stress. Dave Ellis(2011), author of Becoming a Master Student, summed it up so well by saying, “Time is an equal opportunity resource. All of us, regardless of gender, race, creed, or national origin, have exactly the same amount of hours in a week. No matter how famous we are, no matter how rich or poor, we get 168 hours to spend each week-no more, no less.” Relationship between Personal Responsibility and College Success The first step I took to evaluate my time was using......

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...The personal challenge that I faced mainly dealt with my health. Ever since I was child, I was very sick physically. The doctor recommended that I not play or participate in any type of sports because of my poor health. This led to a lack of confidence in myself to perform my best. I have always thought that there was a barrier somewhere in my life, and I could not pass that barrier because if I did then my life would certainly be in ruins. I was raised with the philosophies of the Chinese. I was told that no one could perform many tasks at once and be successful. Ever since, I always have an image that if I participated in activities at school then I would do poorly in my school work. I never pushed my limits to the maximum to challenge myself. It was as if there was a wall standing in front of me blocking me from being successful. I was always afraid that the consequences might be permanent and my grades would drop. For years, I have always focused my energy and time into studying and being successful for my future. I never participated in any activities in or outside of school. I would sometimes help my dad and mom take care of the housework because they have to work hard to keep the house financially stable. Maintaining a 3.7 or higher GPA throughout my middle and high school years, I was very happy with my academic accomplishments. In my sophomore year, my vice-principal and counselor encouraged me to join an after-school activity so that I would be qualify to......

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