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Annual Performance Review

Employee Name Cathy Smith
Title HR Receptionist
Date of Review Period 2010
Supervisor Name
Department Human Resource

Exceeds Expectations = 5
[employee has exceeded objective, time and quality] More Than Satisfactory = 4
[employee has slightly exceeded either time and/or quality] Satisfactory = 3
[employee has met objective, may be just under objective on time and quality] Less Than Satisfactory = 2
[employee has not met objective on either time or quality] Needs Improvement = 1
[employee far below on both time and quality]

Task Objective/Measurement Results Comments Ranking
Typing 96% accuracy 90% Employee is very close to meet an objective 3 Complete within 48 hours of submission Within 24 hours Employee has largely exceeded time objective 5
Filing 98% accuracy 82% Employee is close to meet an objective 2 Complete by end of the day By end of each week Employee needs to improve to complete an objective in timely manners 1
Answer phones Answer within 3 rings Within 2 rings Employee has slightly exceeded this requirement 4 Screens calls Forwards all calls Employee needs to improve and screen calls before forwarding 1 Provide messages upon return or availability of staff Messages not always given to staff Employee needs to improve and give staff messages at all times immediately. 1
Provide information Provide prompt and accurate information Customers often request to speak to someone else Employee needs to improve customer service and communication skills 1
Input applications 100% accuracy 70% Applications completed by deadline, but an employee needs to improve accuracy 3 Complete by job ad deadline Completed by deadline
Mail job flyers No returns of flyers 20% of flyers returned Task perform in timely manners, responsibility for returned flyers may not be full responsibility of an employee. 3


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