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Assignment 1: Literature Review

What is the influence of 4 dimensions of Corporate Culture on Organizational Commitment on Organizational Commitment?

Table of Content Introduction 3 Training and development 4 Teamwork 5 Employee/Organizational Communication 6 Emphasis on Reward 7 Corporate culture and organizational commitment 8 References 9

The employee attitude on organizational commitment has changed nowadays; they would no longer want to stay with a particular company for their whole working life. In the past, employees might be happy to remain in the organization where it could provide good job security. However, the competitive pressure from their competitors has made many organizations reluctant to focus on downsizing, restructuring therefore created less job security provided to employees. Many employees considered that their organization has broken the secure organizational bond and unhappiness might bring employees to tend to begin their new job search. With the idea of finding a new job, employees therefore might demotivate with their current job and underperform in the organization. It will become a huge issue for the organization to achieve their objectives as no organizations in fact, can survive in today’s competitive world unless their employees work effectively and are committed to the organization’s goals. Hence, organizations have no choice but have to consider maintaining their employees, especially with talent, as one of the core components of survival to increasing competition. To do so, a number of studies done in recent years have shown that the understanding of the importance of organizational culture and its influence on organizational commitment is crucial to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of organizational performance (Zain, 2009; Manetje & Martins, 2009).…...

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