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14 April 2015
The Bernie Madoff Affair PBS’s frontline brings us another documentary investigating Bernie Madoff’s manipulative career of investment advising. He started trading stocks with his family working for him making money markets. Michael Bienes is hired by Madoff to recruit investors. Madoff ran his side business of investment advising completely under the radar. He promised high returns of around 18%. Immediately whole families were jumping in blindly at the high reward. He told Bienes that if he could recruit people to invest with Madoff, he could produce a 20% return and Bienes would get a portion. Within his business, no eyebrows were raised and Madoff called the shots and was extremely respected by everybody. Doubts started to occur when Madoff advised Avelleno and Bienes not to license under the SEC. As Bernie was calling the shots, Bienes didn’t license. Madoff continuously sold unregistered securities and Avelleno and Bienes eventually got caught up by the SEC. They were being questioned about their returns and were accused of running a Ponzi Scheme. The SEC shut them down. Many red flags were raised about Madoff’s trading model. Madoff claimed he didn’t want to expose his secret trading techniques. Persistent with taking down Madoff, an SEC investigator Marco Polos wrote a 21-page paper to investigate Madoff’s business and a possible Ponzi scheme. SEC finally launched an investigation. Two-years later, he was cleared. But when the economy went down and people actually needed to withdraw their money, there was no money to be taken out. Madoff confessed that it was one big lie. Madoff was the most manipulative investor there ever was. He showed no remorse for taking all of his clients’ money. There were many lives that were ruined forever. Even in one case a suicide was committed because of the grief that was…...

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...The Madoff investment scandal broke in December 2008, when former NASDAQ Chairman Bernard Madoff admitted that the wealth management arm of his business was an elaborate Ponzi scheme. Madoff founded the Wall Street firm Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities LLC in 1960, and was its Chairman until his arrest.[1][2][3] At his firm he employed his brother Peter as Senior Managing Director and Chief Compliance Officer (Peter has since been sentenced to 10 years in prison), Peter's daughter Shana Madoff as the firm's rules and compliance officer and attorney, and his sons Andrew and Mark (Mark committed suicide by hanging exactly two years after his father's arrest). Alerted by his sons, federal authorities arrested Madoff on December 11, 2008. On March 12, 2009, Madoff pleaded guilty to 11 federal crimes and admitted to operating the largest private Ponzi scheme in history.[4][5] On June 29, 2009, he was sentenced to 150 years in prison with restitution of $17 billion. According to the original federal charges, Madoff said that his firm had "liabilities of approximately US$50 billion".[6][7] Prosecutors estimated the size of the fraud to be $64.8 billion, based on the amounts in the accounts of Madoff's 4,800 clients as of November 30, 2008.[4][8][9] Ignoring opportunity costs and taxes paid on fictitious profits, half of Madoff's direct investors lost no money.[10] It is also the largest accounting fraud in American history. Investigators have determined others were......

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...which moral values are related to human conduct, with respect to the rightness and wrongness of certain actions. This definition explains that ethics are a nothing more than an indoctrinated human behavior that is base on their environmental, social, or cultural backgrounds. Humans are therefore, inherently flawed and thus, ethics becomes a huge issue in their lives as they attempt to make up for these flaws. How humans act in a given situation or how they feel about their actions, play into how they conduct themselves in their personal and business affairs. Killing, raping, and stealing are examples of such obvious actions that most people would agree are unethical. This relates to the subjective belief of rather Bernard Lawrence "Bernie" Madoff should remain in prison or out on bail because of the practicing of Ponzi schemes because it lies in the not so obvious realm of behavior. Why? There is no essential difference between someone who steals $5 and someone who steals billions it is all the same, however, in the criminal justice system the belief in crimes at different levels are arranged at different social and cultural standards. White collar vs. blue collar White collar crime is particularly interesting it provides a sharp contrast to the common crimes and street criminals that usually attract the attention of people. A white-collar is associated by individual of a higher social class. Some of the crime can be characterized as any antitrust violations, computer and......

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...Bernie Madoff Research Project Abronia S. Young D03202587 On March 12, 2009, Madoff pleaded guilty to 11 federal offenses, including securities fraud, wire fraud , mail fraud , money laundering, making false statements, perjury, theft from an employee benefit plan, and making false filings with the SEC. The Fraud In March 2009, Madoff admitted that since the mid-1990s he stopped trading and his returns had been fabricated. Madoff's sales pitch, an investment strategy consisted of purchasing blue chip stocks and taking options contracts on them, sometimes called a split-strike conversion or a collar. Typically, a position will consist of the ownership of 30–35 S&P 100 stocks, most correlated to that index, the sale of out-of-the-money calls on the index and the purchase of out-of-the-money 'puts' on the index. The sale of the 'calls' is designed to increase the rate of return, while allowing upward movement of the stock portfolio to the strike price of the calls. The puts, funded in large part by the sales of the calls, limit the portfolio's downside. Rather than offer high returns to all comers, Madoff offered modest but steady returns to an exclusive clientele. The investment method was marketed as too complicated for outsiders to understand. He was secretive about the firm’s business, and kept his financial statements closely guarded. One of the most prominent promoters was J. Ezra Merkin, whose fund Ascot Partners steered $1.8 billion towards......

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...Bernard Madoff Affair By: Katelynn Pucci Born on April 29, 1938, in Queens, New York an ordinary male was born by the name of Bernard Madoff. During his teenage years, Madoff showed absolutely no interest in finance; he was intrigued in the school swim team at Far Rockaway High School. When he was not competing in swim meets, he was lifeguarding at a beach club in Atlantic Beach, Long Island. Madoff attended the University of Alabama up graduation in 1956 for one year before transferring to Hofstra University. He married in 1959 to his high school sweetheart Ruth, finance major at Queens College. In 1960, Madoff graduated with a bachelor’s degree in political science. He then continued onto law school at Brooklyn Law School while his wife, Ruth, worked on the stock market in Manhattan. Shortly after he dropped out to begin his own investment firm using his earnings from his lifeguarding, job and side gig installing sprinkler systems. Together he and his wife founded Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities, LLC. Now, Madoff’s father-in-law was a retired C.P.A. who helped attract investors including famous clients such as Steven Spielber, Kyra Sedgewick, and Kevin Bacon. The Investment Securities became famous the reliable annual returns of ten percent or more. The firm handled up to five percent of the trading on the New York Stock Exchange by the 1980s. Just like every other business and company out there, Madoff Securities started using computer technology to develop......

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...This paper will include a review of the Madoff Securities case. The Madoff Securities case involved the cunning Bernard L. Madoff swindling his clients to believe that he could guarantee them high profits. Madoff is the largest Ponzi scheme in history. Madoff Securities Case Bernard L. Madoff started the investment firm Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities (BLMIS). Bernard Madoff began trading securities from the 1960s. From as early as 1962, it is believed Madoff started hiding his clients’ losses. Madoff hid the losses from his clients in order to boost his reputation. The larger portion of Madoff’s fraudulent activity began in the 1970s, under BLMIS. In this time Madoff began using his supposed genious tactics to make a profit from pricing errors in the stock exchange (Lewis, 2013). Madoff’s clients were led to believe that their invested funds were invested in as many as 35 to 50 common stocks from the S&P 100 index (Lewis, 2013). If there was a case in which all of the client’s funds were not invested in common stock, then Madoff told the clients the money was invested in money market accounts or government issued securities (Lewis, 2013). However, Madoff was not actually investing the client’s funds, but instead placed the money in his bank account. Madoff gave the client’s funds to friends, family, and those who aided Madoff in his fraudulent scheme (Lewis, 2013). Madoff boosted his character in the public......

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...http://www.sec.gov/answers/ponzi.htm Who is Bernie Madoff? Bernard L. Madoff, who is currently serving a 150-year sentence in federal prison, orchestrated a multi-billion dollar Ponzi scheme that swindled money from thousands of investors. Unlike the promoters of many Ponzi schemes, Madoff did not promise spectacular short-term investment returns. Instead, his investors’ phony account statements showed moderate, but consistently positive returns — even during turbulent market conditions. In December 2008, the SEC charged Bernard Madoff and his investment firm, Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities LLC, with securities fraud for the multi-billion dollar Ponzi scheme he perpetrated on advisory clients of his firm for many years. The SEC filed emergency motions to freeze assets and appoint a receiver, and worked to return as much money as possible to harmed investors. Madoff had been a prominent member of the securities industry throughout his career. He served as vice chairman of the NASD, a member of its board of governors, and chairman of its New York region. He was also a member of NASDAQ Stock Market’s board of governors and its executive committee and served as chairman of its trading committee. Madoff founded his investment advisory firm in 1960.  http://www.time.com/time/business/article/0,8599,1866680,00.html BRIEF HISTORY OF A Brief History Of Ponzi Schemes By Alex Altman Monday, Dec. 15, 2008 Ponzi was a charismatic Italian immigrant who, in 1919 and......

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...Bernard Madoff Research Paper Bernard (Bernie) Madoff committed this century’s largest Ponzi scheme to date. First we will define Ponzi Scheme – it is a fraudulent pyramid scheme where original investors are paid their gains out of new investors money so it would appear to old investor that the scheme (business) is producing an unusually large return (Albrecht, 2009). The Ponzi scheme that Madoff created and pulled off for years was quite intricate. In a standard pyramid scheme each victim unknowingly brings in more and more victims, where as a Ponzi scheme has a single entity (group or individual) to keep up with and organize the fraud. The operator of the Ponzi scheme then will take new money brought in from recent investors and pay off previous investors. For this to continue on there must be a constant influx of new investors so there must be someone working that angle on a regular basis. Eventually the group of new investors will run out because the funds dry up. In a lot of Ponzi schemes when they begin to run low on victims things seem to fall apart and investors loose it all. In some cases the perpetuator escapes the area with all the money he / she have scammed. When or if they are caught the perpetuator will have to face prosecution and / or repayment of all money to victims and possible jail / prison time or pay restitution to the government. In some cases there are assets seized to reimburse victims and pay restitution (Smith, 2011). Madoff......

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