Paying Attention Pays Off for Andra Rush

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Dear Dean of Admissions,
My life experiences have helped me to realize that nursing is my calling. I feel the best about myself when I am given the opportunity to help and care for others, and It would be my dream to complete the Nursing Program at your incredible institution.
My first memorable experience working with nurses happened at 17 years old when I became pregnant. This time in my life was incredibly scary and I got through it with the help from my wonderful family and caring visiting nurse staff. I was so empowered by the nurses support, education, willingness to help and their positive influence that they helped me believe that I could be successful. I wanted to be the best mother that I could be and I needed the encouragement and reassurance that I was given. It was extremely challenging having a child when I was so young myself. Luckily the nurses were there to help me weekly with answering all my parenting questions . I would love the opportunity to impact another life as they did mine.

When my sister Kimberly was been diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia she was faced with a stem cell transplant then later a bone marrow transplant. This had been my first experience with cancer or illness and I spent many hours researching it so I could learn as much as I could so I could understand what my sister was going through. We mentally and physically prepared her for chemotherapy and stem cell transplant .It was a long process but we were with her at each step of the treatment. It was wonderful nurses that made my sisters quality of life their mission. My family was so vulnerable and unsure as how to help Kimberly, we had to rely on competent, compassionate nurses who we knew would advance the best course of action possible.

It was heartbreaking for us to learn that the stem cell transplant was a…...

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