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In life you don’t always get what or who you want. Sometimes it takes hundreds of paper airplanes to come alive to direct you in the right direction. In Paperman, a beautifully animated short film, a guy and a girl experience meant to be love due to fateful and magical events. Although no sound or color, this short film perfectly captures the beauty of love and fate.

Paperman is a rated G short film directed by John Kahrs and produced by Walt Disney. It was released in 2012, and won an oscar for best short film of 2012. Although no sound, the music in the background composed by Christophe Beck perfectly sets the mood, so you have a feel of their emotions. Paperman is about a guy who tries to get a girls attention after seeing her for the first time.

This short film tells a story of a guy who is hopeful, unpredictable, and somewhat romantic, and a girl who is pretty, shy, and punctual, who first meet at a train station, and pretty much experience ‘love at first sight’. Sadly, they end up on different paths until later that day. While upset over the girl, the guy was at work and happened to see the girl of his dreams once again on the opposite skyscraper. Building a bunch of paper airplanes to get her attention, he ended up failing. Until, the paper airplanes magically swept him off his feet and led him to his love.

What makes this short film so great is the way it can capture a moment without words. Throughout the whole movie the characters don’t actually speak, but the music gives you a feel for what’s going on. The music lets you know whether characters are happy or upset and if something good or bad is going to happen, but at the same time it leaves you thinking, “What’s gonna happen next?”. As well as the intriguing characters who make you laugh or make you wonder “WHY?”. Many can agree that the scene with the paper airplanes was amusing and made you…...

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