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Like it or not, we are connected with each other in many ways. Seeing our country progress economically is not the only basis for development. We need to educate every Filipino people. We need to increase employment rate. We need to lessen poverty rate. We need to raise the level of awareness during calamities, and urgently need to address issues in our government to gain trust from Filipinos. Taxes straight to pockets of greedy officials is discouraging magnified by the pork barrel scam the country is facing now. What is more heart breaking is that the empire of pork barrel scam is made possible by private individuals. Thus, rather than paying correct taxes for the development of the country, businessmen would opted to help in their own little ways. On the lighter note, according to anti-graft organization Transparency International's 2012 Corruption Perception Index (CPI), “The Philippines' ranking in the list of the most corrupt countries improved this year. While the country's ranking has improved, its actual CPI score shows the level of perceived corruption is still significant. The Philippines' CPI score was 34 out of 100, still among the lowest”. So, let’s try to pay taxes. Think of Philippine education, and other programs to be funded for nation building.

Recently, we were struck with a number of devastating calamities – MILF rage in Zamboanga, Earthquake in Bohol and Cebu, and the strongest recorded typhoon in the world, Yolanda struck the whole Visayas region. Despite all of these, we stand strong and smile despite the damages in our lives. During these calamities, we can see and experience how Filipino people help each other. These kind of “bayanihan” is what we need in order to improve our own internal calamities – Philippine corruption, and greediness of officials.
Quoting Aristotle, “The whole is better than the sum of its parts”. No country is…...

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